Monday, November 2, 2009

Redesign Your Book Shelves

How do you make your book shelves look good?

It is one of those places that seems to collect all kinds of items:
books, dvds, videos, knick knacks.

When you edit out a few things and determine what you really want to be there, if feels much better.

Take out a few of the books so that you have some negative space.

Lay some of your books on thier side, and add a few selected items:
vase, candlesticks, bookends

You can even stand up a book or two and have the cover facing out.

A few books standing up and a few laying down.

You can also add a picture frame or two, a statue and some kind of a natural element.

And tadaa!!
Your book shelf is transformed.

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for some great before and afters.


  1. Screaming Meme said...
    It looks great!
    Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...
    I cleaned out a bookshelf this morning too. They start out looking all pretty and arranged, and little by little, over the months, I keep adding another book or two... all of a sudden the shelves are overflowing! Yours looks lovely now. But what are we going to do with all the stuff we removed???
    ImagineCozy said...
    Isn't that the dilemma we ALL have with ALL of our stuff!

    But for those few weeks they look great don't they!
    Bonnie said...
    I am not a big fan of doing shelves. I do them all the time now that my daughter is not here to work with me anymore. (She lives in Italy right now!) I use to have her do all of them!

    Anyway, a few things I have learned is that you should remove the dust covers to make it look nicer and also sorting your books by colors is fun. Putting the biggest darkest books on the bottom and working up to the lighter shades on top give the shelving the best balance and brings the eye up.

    I love all the suggestions you have listed as well. If you design them well it is less likely you'll have hot spots where clutter collects constantly.
    Lizzylou said...
    Looks so much better!!! I love all that you did to the room. It makes you want to look at the shelves, and all of the fun accent pieces that you have along with the books. Good job!
    Anny said...
    Thank you for the great ideas :)
    ImagineCozy said...
    Bonnie, I so agree about the dust covers, it gives the space such a better feel -- a classic library feel, I think.
    Lindy said...
    I especially love the stars you used as the "natural element." Using fake ivy plants on the top of cabinets and bookcases gets old (and dusty.)

    Regarding what to do with the "stuff" removed:

    1. You really need to be disiplined with books. It you don't reference them and won't read them again, pass them on or sell them to used book stores. Libraries are always looking for used books to sell at fund raisers. Help support this wonderful community resource.

    2. Pictures can be stored in memory boxes or photo albums. They don't all need to be displayed.
    ImagineCozy said...
    Lindy -- Thank you so much for your suggestions. There is always someone who will want the books you are willing to pass on.
    Bottega Veneta said...

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