Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall is my favorite time of year--- maybe because I was born in October!
I wanted to show you a few fun ways to decorate and cozy up your house with natural elements.
Here are a few beautiful ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

Have a wonderful Fall Halloween day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have noticed recently that many of my clients have
"old sewing tables"
around thier homes that are not being used.
So I decided to post a few before and afters of rooms
with and without the sewing tables.

These first two photos are in my own house in the entry.
I was given this sewing table by my mother-in-law and it has been in my entry for years!

Here is a BEFORE of a living room. As we went through the house we discovered an old sewing table in the basement storage room. It had been passed on to the homeowner and she was never sure what to do with it.
While doing the room we realized that we could use this sewing table behind the couch as a sofa table.

So in this AFTER you really do not even see the table but it plays a very important part of the room redesign.

It worked perfectly as a place to hold plants, a lamp and some candles.

Love it . . . when you can shop the house and find something unexpected!


We used this sewing table in the entry and it created such a nice welcoming feel.

It was originally in the family room holding the TV.
Nice improvement, don't you think?


We were wanting to create a nice reading area and needed a table.
In the backyard storage shed we found the old sewing table and it worked great as an accessory table between the two chairs.


This area became a comfortable reading nook.
We pulled the chair from the bedroom and the sewing table was in the basement covered with old videos.

Look around your house . . . maybe there is an old sewing table that you can put to use!!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sometimes don't you just need some inspiration!

These photos are from the shop . . . Gatehouse No. 1

I love this look and feel.

They have gorgous lamps . . . and I do love lamps.

I love these textures and colors.

The artichoke is so great!

I love the overall look and feel of these colors.
It is so COZY to me!

Love these upolstered chairs and pillows.
Just thought I would share a little of a look that I LOVE!

Today I want to show you that
even with limited resources
you can ADD some Coziness to a room using only what you have on hand.
Some of us are not "keepers" in other words if we don't use it --- we get rid of it, or there may be some of you who are starting out in a new house and have very little to work with.
So I will show you how you can take a few items from other rooms and use them to create a comfortable feel in the space we are working on.
Now you may not want to keep those items in the new space, but
I am wanting you to see what is possible
so that when you do have the resources to get a few items you know what it feels like to have that in your space.

Living Room --- BEFORE --- Two sofas and a piano

1. We moved the piano in the corner so that when you come in the room it is the Focal Point.
2. We took some Artwork from the hall and the storage and hung them on the wall.
3. We found a bookcase in the office, it really helps to have
some piece of furniture that you can display accessories on, and to add some weight and balance to the wall.
(it could be a table, desk, or bookcase)


We found some pillows in the playroom. The homeowner really did not like them, but was so surprised at how much they added to the couch (having a few solid pillow colors) We also added a small blanket on the arm of the sofa, as well as a quilt in the basket on the floor.
Fabric makes a real difference.



Tables really add, they are a place to put a lamp, some books or a drink, so that you want to hang out in that room.
We took this one from the family room.

You know that I love LAMPS . . . if you do only one thing add a lamp and it will feel more cozy.
We took the lamp from the bedroom.
Notice on the table I have one lamp, some greenery (Natural Elements) and a frame.
Three items on the table and it works---SIMPLE.

In this BEFORE the one picture on the wall feels a little lonely.

In the AFTER see how we added a couple of other pieces and it feels more like a unit.
Again --- see the pillows the greenery and the lamp.
So without spending any money the room feels Cozier, and the family wants to be there.
Isn't that why we do this?
So our family and friends will want to come and spend time in our home.

Now YOU go give it a try.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have you ever stopped to realize what a difference a table can make?

Here is a Living Room BEFORE

are a perfect spot to place a lamp
a place for your book
a nice place to hold a plant
a surface to put your drink on
a place to put the TV

A tray on an ottoman makes a great table.

A trio of nesting tables next to the sofa is very useful, and the plant looks great there.

Tables are the workhorses of a room.
A starting place so that you can layer in lighting, natural elements, and additional accessories.
Remember to have some tables in your room!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

When putting together any room you want to consider items that you can group together to create a "unit" or a grouping, rather than just putting a few pictures up on the wall.

This bedroom was newly moved into and had nothing
hanging on the walls.

Notice the 3 groupings in this photo:

1. The nightstand has a lamp, a vase of flowers and a crystal clock, as well as a piece of art right above the lamp. This makes it's own group.

2. Above the bed we placed a mirror with a collection of small oval frames. This grouping is just the right scale to fit above the bed, and helps to make the bed a nice focal point. The gold color of all of the pieces really tie it together.

3. On the right of the bed is a small roll top desk, with a lamp, a couple of books and an oval frame. The large rose photo in the center balances out the weight of the desk.

These groupings helped to create balance around the room and are so much more interesting than just hanging up a few pictures.

Take a look around your room and see what you can group together!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today, I was on KSL TV's Studio 5. We did such a fun segment on:

Arranging Your Furniture on an Angle

I love it when they do filming of rooms with before and afters, it is so fun to see the fast forward parts.

Thanks to Piper, Cindy and Harmony for being so willing to let us come and film in thier homes!

I so enjoy working with all of the people there at Studio 5, it has been a great experience.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today, we will be talking about arranging furniture ---"out of the box"!

It seems so logical to have the furniture line the walls.

Change things up a bit by pulling the furniture away from the walls and trying it on an angle.

It can give your room a whole new look.

What a nice spot to read a book.

A sofa table behind the sofa can be seen.

Two end tables can be put together to create a unit with the art on the wall.


All this was done with what the homeowner already had, how great is that!
Go and take a look around your house --- there has got to be a room you can try on an angle.
I am doing a segment on KSL TV, Studio 5 on Wednesday,
we are talking about angles --- there will be some fun video!
I will post it here this week.
I am participating in Metamorphasis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.
There are always some great before and afters!