Monday, September 17, 2012

In this redesign,  my camera battery just gave out---
but I was able to give you a quick before and after. 
Here it is:


See what changes we made:
 1. Putting the furniture a on an angle,
creates a conversation area
2. Added fabric, the rug, the throw blanket and pillow,
 soften the space and make it cozy
3. The pot of twigs on the side table, adds height
as well as a natural element.
4. The three owl prints hanging vertically,
fits the scale of the room better.
5. A lamp in the corner,
creates a warm glow to the room, as well as height.
And this was all done using what she had in her home already... Sooo Fun!
What can you  do to change up your space?
 p.s.  I will show you the other half of the room soon!