Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was invited to participate in a round table discussion on

KSL TV's Studio 5

"Managing the Differences When You Your Spouse Have Different Styles"

It was a really hilarious day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

This wall had just been painted a beautiful warm gold, so the BEFORE was a blank wall. I wanted to show you how we created a very inviting arrangement of photos on the wall.

Notice these simple tips:

- All of the these frames are the same style (these are for 8x10 photos)

- The spacing between each of the frames is uniform -- (about 2 inches).

- We created a grouping by adding an ornamental iron rod and a wooden plaque at the top.

So as you look at the wall---you have a pleasing "unit" or grouping. Give this a try next time you are wanting to hang photos.

I am participating in Metamorphasis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wanted to share with you a couple more tips on making your bed the Focal Point of the Room:

Pillows ---

If you add a few accessory pillows it enhances the volume of the bed and makes it look very cozy.



We placed a rug centered under the bed --- it draws your eye to the bed and creates more of a unit with the bed.

Putting a blanket on the end of the bed also creates more interest and draws your eyes to the bed.

So give it a try and see what you come up with!

Go to Hooked On Houses and The Inspired Room

The bed is a perfect choice for a Focal Point in the Bedroom.

Every bedroom has a bed --- so how do you make it more of a Focal Point?

I love to turn a twin bed at an angle.
We also placed a corner cabinet behind the bed---it gives the illusion of a headboard.
The little mirrors hung on each side give it a little more visual weight.

This little cabinet was rather lonely in the corner.

We moved the corner cabinet and added a few other items, which were a little larger and more of the right scale for the space.

We gave this little cabinet a new home.

It is filled with accessories that compliment the room.
All of these items were in the house already!

Each of these little details help to create a beautiful Focal Point with the bed.
I will share a few more pointers in an upcoming post.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I just wanted to share with you --- a little about how this day went!

I was invited to do a segment on KSL TV Studio 5 and present a few items to show how to achieve certain styles in a room. It was pretty fun trying to come up with items for 5 different styles --- first of all I thought immediately of a dear neighbor --- the only one in our whole neighborhood with a mustard gold and grey house with red doors, quite contemporary. She had just the perfect items for that catagory, even a piece of fabric with a very geometric design.

I gathered a couple of items from another friend. I had considered going shopping but decided it would take too much time! And so I continued my search through the houses of wonderful supportive friends. In the end I had two suitcases full of props, imagine one with sticks poking out of the top zipper---good thing for wheels!

Of course you have to do your hair just right and make-up as well as choose something to wear that is not white, black or too patterned, and something that you have not worn before. On the way out the door I packed the bag for my three year old who was going to her first day of dance and then to pre-school, fixed her hair and found shoes---thank goodness for another great friend who ran her around for me today. Then with suitcases in the back of the van I drove the carpool of my other kids to the school, dropped them off and hit the freeway.

I had all of my notes for the segment and was running them through my head as I drove the hour to the studio. As it turned out the segment was next to last for that day so it was shorter than we had planned ---LIVE TV is really so impromptu! I have to say I LOVED how the props turned out, I had not really set them all out at home. So when it came to what to say, it was pretty tricky trying to condense descriptions and hurry without sounding too rushed, and of course remembering the right words to describe things! It was crazy, but such fun to be part of.

I have to say I am loving what I do and feel like it is such a blessing to be able to share how to make your homes a place that YOU want to be in. And at the same time be in my own home with my own family! LIFE IS GOOD.

So here is the clip:

Studio 5
Ready, Set, Re-Design
Incorporating Your Design Style Today

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Living Room Redesigned

It is so great when you can "shop" the house and come up with a relaxing and calm room like this.

There was a lot to look at on the wall, and your eye had no where to rest.

The cabinet makes a great focal point and your eye can pause, and take in what it is there.

Doesn't this spot look cozy!
It has three important elements:
Lighting (lamp)
Fabric (throw blanket, pillows)
Natural Elements (greenery)

This room was full of too many items.

Often --- less is more!

The piano was a tight fit on that wall.

It makes a great conversation area now, and feels very open and comfortable.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Above Kitchen Cabinets

I have had some requests to talk about ---
ABOVE kitchen cabinets.

The majority of the photos that I share with you are just from regular everyday people's houses --- each with their own style, and using items they already have.
This homeowner loves the cottage look!


The changes here are subtle but do make a difference.
We took down the gerber daisies to make
the colors more simple,
and created a little grouping with the teapot and cup.

It feels less cluttered

The little pink roses go nicely with the pattern on the china.

This cabinet felt like a little too much was there.

We took down the extra flowers and just kept the little pink roses with the greenery. To create more of a group I pulled the two white plates back, and closer together.

These cabinets were also pretty full.

We made two groupings instead of having
so many items lined up.

It is always pleasing to use odd numbers.

So when you are trying to decide what to place on the tops of your kitchen cabinets---
Try these 3 tips:
1. Use items that have a particular theme or color
2. Place them in groupings
3. Add some type of natural element
(here we used greenery and little pink roses)
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And Melissa's Beautiful Life.

Monday, September 7, 2009

This family room had a new addition and gave the homeowners alot more space, they just were not sure how to use it.


We divided up the room into two areas--- a nice conversation area and place to sit down with a good book, as well as a TV watching area.

All of the furniture was facing the TV.

We placed the sofa and chair next to each other so they would work with watching TV or having a conversation.

It created an intimate space and a more cozy feeling.

One large space with everyone facing the TV.

Two areas, with multiple uses.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Style on Studio 5

"Find your Style"
Studio 5
Round Table Discussion

This last week, I was part of a round table discussion on Style
at Studio 5. For the month of September
they will be covering this topic.
I will be on again later in the month --- FUN people!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Personal Retreat Part 2

As promised here are more details about this
FUN Personal Retreat!

This homeowner had an extra room --- it originally had a brown plaid loveseat and the TV was on this little white table. . . well I got excited and we started moving things before I took the first before. But this gives you the idea.

She wanted a space that was all her own.
It all started with the Quilt! She bought this on clearance for about $8.00 quite awhile back.
We took this as the inspiration piece for the room, and pulled the colors from the quilt and added touches throughout the room.

Even little details like the colors in the magazines add color to the room.
She really loves the "cottage feel" and already had a number of items that helped pull the space together.

Of course the lamp adds REAL WARMTH to the room.

The quilt, the lace on the table and the white lace pillow, as well as the yellow throw create a very cozy atmosphere. (they are all fabric).


We added the little rocker in the corner with the flowers behind it, to balance out the weight of the heavy dresser in the other corner.
Notice the rug and the curtains ---they really soften the space!



The calendar has the same colors as the quilt ---
so it continues to unify the little room.
The curtains so soften the edges of the window.

The plant on the floor is a natural element and adds to the cozy feel of the space.


She had a couple of little mirrors in the shape of windows,
they added to the cottage feel.

Lovely ---
And this was all done with items she already had!!

We all have certain items that we are drawn too.
This homeowner is drawn to things that have a cottage feel
(teapots, china, flowers) --- so many of the items she has purchased in the past are in this style and were around her home.
She was just not sure how to display them.

Look around your home and see what items you may have with a common theme.
Maybe it is round objects --- possibly it is a color or maybe organic items. We are often drawn to a similar style and have those collections around our home and don't even realize it!

Look around and see what you SEE!