Sunday, August 30, 2009

This little retreat ---
is a makeover we did with only items in the home already!



It all started with the quilt!
It was the inspiration piece for the room and we went from there.

In my next post I will share with you all of the details.

But isn't this such a lovely relaxing space.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

When you are putting a room together look for ways you can add the same color throughout the space.

I talked about this a little last week but wanted to post a few more examples here.

Notice the blue fabric on the coffee table, the blue pillow, the BLUE pot on the shelf, and the picture above the fireplace.
Now notice the touches of GREEN.

Do you see the touches of ORANGE in the space?
Then notice the robin's egg blue throughout the room.

Look at how black is placed around this room,
and see how they all have a black and white pattern.
It unifies the room.

The light blue pillows, the blue pot on the table and the blue fabric on the bottom of the drapes, really pulls this room together.

You can't help but see all of the
green accents in this living room.

They are placed throughout the space and it feels GREAT.

Now, go and gather a number of like colored items and tie them into a room at your home!

You will be amazed at how this simple design principle can change the feel of your room.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Area Rugs on an Angle

Having an area rug in your room really adds another layer of "Coziness."

I am going to show you some pictures of what a difference it can make placing the rug on an angle.


See how the angle of the rug mirrors the fireplace
and it anchors the three pieces of furniture together.

Sometimes it is just a nice change --- an Out of the Box Idea!


As you look in decorator magazines notice how often the rugs are placed on an angle.

Give it a try at your house --- it's a nice way to change
things up with no cost!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living Room Redesigned

We took this Living Room and rearranged with items
she had in her house already ---
So fun to see what can be done in a couple of hours!

(Notice the touches of red, it really adds life to the space.)


We took out the big chair and one of the end tables.
The room really needed something interesting to look at,
so we found the bookcase upstairs and filled it with some nice accessories.
It became a great focal point.


We moved the tree to the other side of the couch,
it softens the window and is not so cramped.
We also added a touch of red and green to the table,
tying those colors around the room.

There was just too much furniture in this room.

We placed the rug on an angle, and added
some green pillows.
Then found another plant to balance out the side of the room with the bookcase.

Amazing what you can accomplish with out spending any money!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does your office need a little lift?
If you will add these 3 items to any office it will feel more
inviting and fresh.

Flowers or Plant

It makes a difference --- Give it a try!
Take a look at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today, I want to show you what a difference it makes to tie color and pattern throughout a room.

This is a living room where I took some great before pictures
but they somehow got swallowed up in my computer and have never been found!

The homeowner had just inherited the white couch and two pink chairs, she had two china cabinets filled with many little treasures, and some teal carpet.

We wanted to figure out a way to tie what she had together so that it would make for a cozy, comfortable living room.

Notice the family portrait above the couch, they are all in blue, and there was no blue in the room, but this was the piece we wanted for a focal point.

So we added touchs of blue throughout the room.

In the china cabinet we put a blue vase and on the piano, a blue book. Also do you see the little floral piece in the oval frame, it has blue as well.

Now, notice the pattern that is in the pillow, the rug and the iron piece hanging over the piano, see how they are similar and fit nicely together.

The drapes also have a similar pattern and gold color,
see how we are tying those patterns AROUND the room.
See the blue book on the table.

She did not have the pillows before, but in the after they add definate pattern and texture to the room.

(The maroon color is pulled from the rug)

We placed just a few important items back in the china cabinet --- now you notice what is there.

See the blue book.

The couch is very inviting!

There is a little blue in the middle pillow on the couch.

The area rug really helps to take your eye away
from the teal carpet.
And it pulls in the gold and maroon colors together.

This mirror was from the 70's and at one time was hanging above a brick covered fireplace. (can't you just imagine it!)

We turned it vertical and placed it in the entry with a table,
and it has a whole new feel.

The gold frame with the ornate pattern has a similar
feel to the other gold pieces in the room.

Do you see how we are placing these similar patterns and colors throughout the space.
It works well to position them in somewhat of a triangle.

Now, notice how the color and pattern is placed in YOUR space and see if you can tie it together.

Your room will be more COZY!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sometimes a wall in the kitchen just needs something.

This homeowner loves teapots and had some china that she really wanted to have in her kitchen.

Before the wall was empty . . . just waiting for the right fit.

The shelf by itself was not quite big enough.
So we added the ornamental iron on each side. It created just the right balance for the space.

Notice the group of three on the shelf, and the natural elements (flowers and greenery)

The lace added a fabric element to the shelf and the ornamental iron mimics the lace feel.

The homeowner was so happy because she now has such a nice focal point in the kitchen and it has items that she loves!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I found this great little shop with fantastic prices and wanted to share
a few photos with you.

It is in an old victorian style home.

Look at the fantastic light fixtures on the porch.

This is what they are all about.

Fun dishes for adding color.

A few accessories for the bathroom.

Love this mirror!


The berries in the pot are a great natural element.

Real Deals
has the funnest website!! Go take a peak.

They can be found in a number of places around the country.
Check it out --- there may be one near you!

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