Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is the Living Room in the house that we staged to sell.

I want you to notice how the colors and patterns in this space tie it all together.

See the greens, pinks and teal color in the fabric, the wall cabinet and the china plates.

Here is a wide angle of the room. 
We are standing in the entry.

The greens and teal are carried over into the entry.

See the pinks and green as well as the china that is in the dining room.

This is the view from the dining room.

Isn't this a fun arrangement on the piano? 
Notice the green, pink and teal blue again.

So if you want to tie a space together
and give it a designer look,

Use similar colors and patterns throughout the room.

Have fun and try this with your own things!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Accessorize the Bathroom

What a difference a few little accessories can make!

The vanity used to be golden oak, it was painted expresso
brown at the same time the kitchen was. 

A very nice update.

Add just a couple of items. 

1. The little tree on the back of the toilet is a nice natural element.
2. The antique white cabinet door with a mirror and the little china plate really adds some personality. (you will notice she has this theme going throughout her whole house)
3. The tray on the counter has a hand towel in the same color as the shower curtain, with a few glass jars filled with cotton balls and qtips.

See how these little accessories really do add the touch
to make the room feel cozy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Girl's Dresser

One easy way to decorate a dresser or
table top is to add:
1.  A lamp
            2.  A natural element
                          3.  Something of personal interest


Turning the dresser on an angle and hanging some art on the wall, really finishes off the space.

Staging a Kitchen

This post is a continuation of the home we staged to sell.
Isn't this a beautiful dining area.

I wish I had before photos because these cabinets used to be golden oak!
She had someone come in and spray them all an expresso brown. 
What an update!

When staging a kitchen to sell you want to have everything CLEAN and the clutter removed.

It is also very nice to have some fresh flowers on the table.

Additional rooms
 to be posted soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

This lovely entry is in the home that we staged.

The cabinet that we used, was originally in the office.

I did not take a before picture (darn!) of this space, but it had an oversized buffet that was not the right fit for the entry.  This little cabinet fit perfectly and worked so well with the spring decor.

We simply added a couple of natural elements, as well as an arrangement on the wall of art, a wreath and a mirror. Which sometimes reflects the entry lighting!

Love how the butterflies, greenery and birds give it all a Spring feel!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is a beautiful Get Away! 
Don't you want to climb into this bed!
I had so much fun staging this house to sell. 
The owner has a really fun style, and we used her things with a few new accessories
to create a stylish comfortable space.

I will be showing you a number of rooms in the next few posts!


We arranged the bed to be the focal point of the room, so that when you first enter, this is what catches your eye.  It is always a good idea to make the bed the focal point of a bedroom.



On the dresser. It works to accessorize with books as well as greenery.

The mirror with the candles creates the illusion of a larger headboard.

We added some additional bedding. 
See how it is layered and a combination of blue and white. 
We pulled those two colors around the room so that it feels like it all fits together.
Adding toss pillows and a blanket folded on the end of the bed makes it feel really inviting.

The master bath. 
 See how adding a green plant on the window seal really freshens up the space!

Overall ... a simple, fresh and inviting retreat.

Here is the MLS listing for any of you who may be looking to buy a new home.

WFR Multiple Listing Service

I have linked up today with Transformation Thursday
 It's a fun place to see some great make overs!