Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here are some living room photos you may have seen before,
but today I want you to look for the little details that made the difference. 

Leave your comments on what you found
 and I will give you the answers in my next post!





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 go and see alot of BEFORE and AFTERS.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love looking through magazines
 just to see what they have put together.
Rarely do you see the furniture match.

For example, look at the white painted table
and the black painted chair. 
Then you have a worn wooden stool.

Now there are reasons that this works:

See how they have tied the colors together in this room.
1. The white painted table goes nicely with the white trim in the room.
2. The black ties in nicely with the pillows on the bench.
3. And the worn stool as well as the wooden bowl gives a nice feel of the old with the new and ties in with the warm stained floor and kitchen cabinets.

In this office there is a wooden desk with a couple of worn iron tables.

 It makes the room so much more interesting
 when you can add something old to your space.

Notice how the two chairs are covered in different fabric 
as well as the little footstool.

Because they are using blues and browns it ties the room together.

See how this room is tied together by color. 
They use blue green and pink, but the furniture is all different styles. 
The color throughout the space makes it work.

So don't be afraid to experiement---
 take something from one room and swap it out to another. 

Use color to tie it in with what you already have. 

 Toss pillows, flowers and books are easy ways to add color.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

This bathroom started out as pretty ordinary.
But ended up fantastic, by adding just a few design principles.

The homeowner had a number of interesting items that she wanted to put in the space but did not know how to pull it all together.

Doesn't this feel so much more cozy!
What made the difference?

1. We used the art on the wall as inspiration. 
 See how we took three colors and tied them around the room. 
 Green, aqua blue and brown.

She had the same shower curtain, towels and rug.

2. We made a few groupings to create a focal point.

The wall had no focal point. 
 There was nothing for your eye to focus on.

See how we created a grouping and it made for a very nice focal point.
By hanging a shelf above the towel rod
we could make a grouping with the towels and the items on the shelf.

There is also a nice grouping above the toilet--
the art and wicker basket with the towels and sea turtle.

3. We were able to pull a theme throughout the bathroom that helped to tie it all together.
Notice the sea shells and starfish.

Also see the repeating leaf motif that is in the art, tissue box, towels and shower curtain.

We hung the wreath on the outside of the door, but it makes a beautiful addition to the room when the door is open.  See the starfish and seashells as well as some leaves.

I loved this little leaf hook --- it also went with the theme of the room.
We hung a lace hankerchief and a couple of pearl bracelets just to add some whimsy to the room.

1. We used the art on the wall as inspiration.
See how we took three colors and tied them around the room.
Green, aqua blue and brown.

2. We made a few groupings to create a focal point.

3. We were able to pull a theme throughout the bathroom that helped to tie it all together.
Notice the sea shells, star fish and the leaf motif.

See what you can do with a space in your house
 just using these 3 principles.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cozy Outdoor Spaces

This time of year I love to be outside on the porch
or under an umbrella. 

What can you do to make these spaces feel more cozy?

The same design principles that we use inside the house
 work for an outdoor space.
In the picture above see how they added fabric
 with a tablecloth and toss pillows.

Notice the potted flowers on the table and around the daybed.

More FABRIC--- the pillows and the tablecloth.
See how the lemons and the vase of flowers
 make such a difference. 
Imagine the space without these items --- it is not nearly as inviting.

I do love rocking chairs on a porch---
 it just says RELAX to me.
There are toss pillows and potted plants
as well as a few tables to set a glass of lemonade.

So if you want to cozy up your outdoor space ---
even if it is just a little patio ---
add some fabric and FLOWERS!