Friday, December 9, 2011

I just had to do a little post with beautiful doors!
All of these photos are from

I love wreathes--- and love to see them on doors for the holidays.

Aren't these so inviting...

When you decorate the front door
 it is like saying come on in!

This RED door with the iron hardware is just darling!

Love the Green Ribbon here.

So maybe with this little bit of inspiration
you can figure out something
 to add to your front door!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fabric can add such life to a kitchen!


We added some color to the windows, the fabric and pattern as well
as the color gives so much more interest and warmth to the kitchen.

BEFORE there was little that tied the space together.

The runner on the table as well as the curtains become an
 inspiration piece.
You can use those same colors to accessorize
 the rest of the kitchen.

Try a little fabric in your Kitchen!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

So today, lets talk about using an inspiration piece
to pull the room together.

This friend of mine was ready to freshen up
 a number of rooms in her home. 
She really liked the idea of bringing in some orange.
And knew she needed to purchase a few new pieces.

Her walls were recently painted a lovely gold and sage green.
so we wanted the color palette to have those colors.

I really thought a rug could be the perfect solution to pull it all off.

We found that perfect rug at Pottery Barn ...of course!
 For over $1000.

We decided that we would keep looking----

and found THE inspiration piece
we were looking for at TJ Maxx-HomeGoods,
for $199.00 Can you believe it~!

It was a great shopping day.

It was warm and had golds and greens as well as the Orange
she wanted to add to the space.

It made for a great inspiration piece because it had
3 of the colors that we wanted to place around the room. 

Here is the Living Room

We picked up a couple of IKEA chairs to help lighten up the space,
 as well as some new toss pillows---
You know how I love to add pillows!:)


What a different feel the room has now
with the rug and the lighter chairs.


We decided to make a little entry grouping.
It really worked well in that space.

See how well the cabinet goes with the colors in the room.

The floral pillow on the couch has just the
right colors and design to go with the rug. 
And my friend picked it out herself.

Many times when I work with a client and they need
 to purchase new items, I tell them to find something
 that they really like and that has the colors
we are looking for.

There are other times when I do the shopping and get what
 I think works. But most of the time the client shops for
 thier own accessories--
 it gives them a real feeling that the space it theirs,
because they picked out something that they were drawn too.

It also gives you such a great sense of ackomplishment
to know that you chose something that really worked.

Lamps behind the sofa looking out into the fall leaves---
(I LOVE Fall! Have I mentioned that before?)

I love putting a round table between two chairs,
and this one worked out great!



We changed out the curtains.  Using a gold color similar to the wall
softens the space and lightens it up.

I would prefer the rod to be hung just down from the ceiling,
because it pulls your eyes up and make the room feel taller.

My friend is waiting on her sweet husband to finish up the job.
I will post the before and after photos when it is done. 
You will be amazed at how different it feels!

Notice the artwork on the wall also has some of the same colors
that we were pulling around the room.

So if you are wanting to create a new feel to a space
Using a Rug for the inspiration piece
may just work for you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is the house of a good friend of mine. 

Her house was ready for a good "facelift"!
Here is a sneek peek at what we did.

I will show you some quick before and afters
and in upcoming posts
 I will give you all of the juicy details and more photos!

Living Room BEFORE

Living Room AFTER

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER

Family Room BEFORE

Family Room AFTER

It was quite the project and we had some really funny stories.

My good friend Connie does a blog and is a fantastic writer.  
She will be doing a write up on the redesign
and I will be sure and give you all a link, so you can see
 how it all went down from her perspective as well.

See you at the end of the week!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Okay my dear friends---I have to apologize for being away so long!
I have been doing a number of bigger design jobs
and we have had to wait for furniture and curtains and hardware
so I have just not posted.

Forgive me--- I will do better!!

This is the entry in a home that I have been working on.
This is the BEFORE. 
 Really it just had the table.

This entry has a high ceiling and a beautiful chandelier,
so I wanted to do something in the right scale
to fill the space and pull your eyes upward.

It can be as simple as a couple of lamps and some artwork on the wall.
The lantern in the middle is placed in a wreath. 
I will give you some close ups as soon as I get back up to the house
 to take some additional after photos of other rooms.

Have a wonderful Fall and Halloween weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The bed makes a wonderful focal point
when redesigning a bedroom.

The homeowner of this master bedroom,
was trying to give it a new look.

She had purchased new bedding
but it was not enough to give the room a change.

We just needed to rearrange a little
 and add some interest with fabric!

When you are redesigning a bedroom
you usually want the bed to be the focal point of the room.
So we moved the bed to the wall between the two windows.

 Doesn't that create a very nice focal point?
See how the layering of pillows and bedding
really does make the bed stand out.

The coordinating curtains give the room some drama and elegance.

The bed was on the opposite wall
so when you entered you did not really see it.

See how we created a nice balance on that wall across from the bed.

The homeowner purchased fabric and hemmed a coverlet
for the end of the bed as well as the curtain panels.

So simple... just hem the sides and the ends and hang with curtain rings. 
It really makes a difference!

What a beautiful and relaxing retreat!

Take a look at your bedrooms---
 What could you do to create more of a focal point?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Office for Her

Here are a few shots just to get you curious---

This homeowner moved into a new home and wanted to create
an office with her own style.

Do these accessories give you an idea of what she likes?

The room is not totally done, we are waiting on some chairs
and a larger set of shelves but for now this is what we created.

I had her go shopping and look for items that made her happy,
colors that she liked and that felt good to her.

As you can see she liked robin egg blue, birds, nests,
 eggs, fresh greenery and twigs.

Here is the BEFORE

And the AFTER so far...
I will give you an update when it is all put together!

So remember when you are creating a space in your home---

1. Have things that you LOVE.
2. Have things that are USEFUL.

And of course have fun!