Monday, March 30, 2009

Time for a Change

What a cozy spot to sit and relax.

This living room had all of the right elements, going on BEFORE.

We just wanted to change things up a bit.

In the AFTER we placed the sofas and table on an angle
and added in a bookshelf that was in the entry.

Notice the lighting, we have three lamps placed in a triangle pattern.
It really adds to the "Cozy Factor"

We moved the piano and created a nice grouping ---
We chose framed pieces from around the house,
they all had gold frames but did not exactly match.

Notice the figurine that is sitting on the books ---
We wanted it to be a little taller to fit with the group,
books work great to add height.

The greenery on the shelf also adds to finish the look.

The homeowner loves china and had a
nice collection in the kitchen.
We decided to add some on this book shelf.

It really brings some of her personality to the room.

Sometimes we just need a change
Shop around your own house and see what can be moved from one room to another, you will be amazed at what you can create!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think Outside the Box

A dresser in the entry?

Today, I want you to consider multiple uses for pieces of furniture.

This bench makes a great coffee table.

Traditional Home
This little metal barrel with a round piece of glass on top, makes a nice little side table.

Traditional Home
Notice the benches used as tables.

This little box used as a coffee table.

A stool as a side table? It works!

These metal file drawers as a table in the bedroom.

So look around your house with a new set of eyes ---
and consider using items in a way that they may not have been intended for.

It increases your possibilities!

I am participating in
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Answers to the Pop Quiz!

Okay, are you ready ? ---
(Thank you so much for those of you who commented, you were right on.)

Get your eyes set to look at the specifics!


Let's start with BASICS ---

1. Lighting --- we added two lamps, one from the bedroom, and one from the living room. It is nice to have them at different heights.

2. Natural Elements --- we brought in some greenery from the kitchen, and rearranged some that was already there.

3. Fabric --- we found some toss pillows and a throw in the bedroom. The rug came from the living room. The area rug anchors the furniture and helps create a nice conversation area .

Next: See the touches of RED --- the pillow, the boxes on the top shelf, the wood tile on the table and the ceramic vase on the top left shelf.

We found three leather cubes and lined them up in front of the sofa like a coffee table. (You can see them a little better in the previous post.)

In this before picture there were no tables.

We found a table in the living room, that made the perfect sofa table for behind the couch. This created a spot to put a lamp and some accessories.

The little table between the chairs was used as a night stand in the boy's room. But it works, at least for now --- a place to put a lamp, a plant and a frame.
Underneath the table is a small basket which adds texture to the room, and a nice place for magazines.

We moved the couch at an angle, partly to view the TV better, and it moves the couch closer to create a nice conversation area. ---

Be brave and try an angle at your house!

One other note to mention ---
A Sofa and 2 Chairs is so much more versitile that a sofa and a love seat.

I wanted to show this wall --- so that you could see the powerful impact of a focal point.

These 4 pictures and cabinet were on the same wall before ---
but as we position them in a "Unit" or a grouping they really draw your eye in and create a powerful focal point.

Thanks for taking the quiz.

I love sharing these principles with you---and will continue to share my redesigns ---

So you can create YOUR own COZY space!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Redesign Pop Quiz

We have looked at this Family Room before---
But it is such a good study on what design principles make the space more cozy.

This time I want you to look over the photos and comment back to me on what you see that made the difference.

I will be posting the answers on my next post.

So let me know . . . what made the difference!!
(This will get you thinking about your own space)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Curtain Panels

Curtains make such difference in creating a COZY feel.

I love simple panels that go from the ceiling to the floor, and down each side of the window.

When you buy ready made panels they are not usually that long ---
(if you hang them from the ceiling.)
But it is very easy to sew a piece of fabric (that goes with the room)along the bottom.

See in this room how they have different fabric along the bottom ---
It looks like custom drapes!

We have seen this photo before, but this time focus on the drapes ---
the curtains are from the ceiling to the floor.

Now this was just fabric stapled onto a couple of pieces of scrap wood
and screwed into the ceiling.
Big difference!

Simple, on a rod.

These do not go all the way to the floor, but it works.
It just depends on what look YOU like.

See how nice and custom they look with another piece of fabric
along the bottom.

These are hung with two small rods.

Notice how the fabric frames the window, it does not cover it.
This creates the illusion of a larger window.

These are hung by simple metal rings.

Curtain panels are a great way to add
Fabric to a Room!

photos from bhg

Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Room Redesign

We found some wonderful elements to create
this cozy space.



The most dramatic change in this room was to create a
Conversation area.

Before the couch was alone in the middle of the room.
We also added a throw blanket and a pillow on the sofas,
as well as a few natural elements.


As we pulled the love seat closer and added an end table.
It allows for a more comfortable conversation.

The books and vase of flowers on the table also add
to the overall feel.


See how we moved the love seat up in to an L shape with the sofa.


My favorite part is the little cabinet against the wall.

We took this from the living room (it is full of piano music)
and created this unit against the far wall.

We found the lamp in the bedroom, exchanged the artwork
with a piece from the basement, and we brought the plant from the living room.

It does have that "MORE COZY" Feel!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was interviewed by Dr. Paul Jenkins on Live On Purpose Radio
(the link is down below)

--- We decided it would be fun to redesign their bedroom ---
So here it is:


It was such a large room, that placing the bed on an angle really worked.

Notice how we turned on the lamps, and have them placed at different heights.

The green tree, and the bed, create a very nice focal point.

Wow... the cozy factor really went up!


The curtains made a dramatic difference.

It was as simple as adding fabric
that was stapled to a piece of scrap wood and attached to the ceiling.


The extra blanket on the end of the bed is one more layer of comfort.

Listen to the podcast . . .

We talk about how you can not only redesign a room in your home,
but redesign what you want your life to look like!

It was a lot of fun. Thanks Dr. Paul.