Monday, April 27, 2009

With just a few changes this living room is a cozy and comfortable space to be in.

The cedar chest in the bay window was made by the homeowner's husband, and we wanted to
keep it in that room.

She already had some great fabric elements---
pillows and a throw.

So what could we do to make it "feel" better?

We moved the cedar chest and used it in a grouping to create a focal point with the shelf.

We added some height and natural elements to the shelf.

We brought the "count your blessings" sign under the shelf
and with the taller lamp it makes a nice unit.

The Curtains make a HUGE difference in softening the room.
The homeowner found some fabric on clearance
and cut it into three strips.
She just hung them on little iron posts above the window.

Wow --- it really warms up the room!

The shelf and the picture feel a little "high up" on the wall.

Notice how we brought the picture above the couch --- down --- and added a couple of candle holders on each side.

It feels more as a "unit" with the couch.



The cedar chest and shelf grouping makes a nice focal point in this Living Room.

We found another lamp and turned them on ---it really brings "LIFE" to the space.

Baskets are great for adding texture to a room ---
That is just one more layer in creating a Cozy atmosphere.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have to share with you a fun story about this bookshelf.


It all started in the family room . . .

We were in need of something big enough
to balance out the TV cabinet on the large wall.

We walked through the house we were able to find
one bookshelf that was in the basement --- no one wanted it in their room.

And the only reason it was still in the house was because,
it was custom made by an uncle.

We brought it upstairs and placed it on it's SIDE!
(because it was too tall otherwise).

My friend could not believe we were really going to use it sideways ---

But look how great it works.


Along with the TV cabinet and the accessories it gives enough weight to that side of the room. The room is now more balanced.

We moved the couch at an angle and squared up the two chairs around it. We also moved the cedar chest behind the couch as a sofa table.

The Room definatly feels COZY!

As you look at the bookshelf and imagine it turned upright there is a little cut out shelf that was made just to put a clock radio on.

How fun that we could repurpose this piece that no one wanted in their room and make it a major focal point in the family room.

Look around your house and consider using something differently that it was intended ---

It really gets your creative juices flowing!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

When I do a room redesign, we are usually looking to use items already found in the house.

I have not run across a tray very often so ---
I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference a tray can make.

We were accessorizing the top of this cedar chest, and found a tray in the family room.

We placed some framed photos and a vase of flowers in the tray,
together with the lamp, it really works!

A tray is a great way to take a collection of items and help them to feel organized.

I found a number of great photos at Better Homes and Gardens that also used trays.

Notice how they each have a vase of flowers, and a collection of other items.

Keep your eyes on the lookout for trays ---

They are wonderful to decorate with.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Rearrange

A few toss pillows and a natural centerpiece add to the coziness of this room.

This living room was heavy on the one side and had a number of items lining the walls.

Just by moving the furniture around,
bringing in a chair from the family room,
adding a few extra pillows and a throw blanket,
the natural centerpiece on the table---

This space feels more
and a comfortable place to have a conversation.

We also took a couple of things off the wall, so your eye could more easily focus.

Look around your house ---
could you feel the difference with a
Simple Rearrange?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When you are accessorizing your space, be sure to use
things that YOU love.

This amazing collection of dishes is in my friends
dining room.

The art glass she has had for some time but was not sure how to display it.

Well, we went into her storage and found this print,
the scale was perfect
and the colors really tied in with the art glass.

She bought a few metal easels and the result is . . .


I love how it turned out.

You will recognize this living room from my last post.
In the back ground you can see the dining room.

The place settings are displayed on these shelves with lighting on each one.

It creates a colorful and whimsical focal point.

Remember ---
Have things in your home that you LOVE or that are Useful.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Modern Make-over

I love this house! My good friend let me come over and have a little fun with her living room.

She already had so many of the right elements, we just had to tweak things a little bit. In this BEFORE the focal point on the far wall did not feel quite right.

AFTER ---We found another art piece from storage and created a unit by moving the cabinet further to the left and centering the art above it.

We then exchanged out the black stools for brown textured ones from the office.

A couple of toss pillows and greenery, completes the look.

In this BEFORE ---there was no defined focal point.

AFTER ---The little splash of red on the chair adds life to the space.

BEFORE ---The layout of the room was well balanced and the furniture well placed.

But there was no defined focal point --- a place to rest the eye.

AFTER ---We took the artwork from the entry wall and placed it over the piano. We used the piano light to highlight the face of the woman in the picture and it becomes a wonderful unit to focus on. The sculpture on the left balances out the light, (it came from the bedroom).

It feels so much better.

Less cluttered and LOVE those toss pillows!
Little things can make all the difference.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Step #1
Collect the items you want to have on the shelf.

It can be a theme or just items that you love.
You can prop pictures and layer them on the shelf.

Step #2
Place items at different heights.

Step #3
Make groupings rather than lining things up.

Step #4
Use odd numbers, 1's 3's 5's.

Step #5
Ideally, you want to create a unit or a focal point.
Hanging pictures along with the shelf works well.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Toss Pillows really warm up a leather sofa.

I stopped by a boutique, and they had pillows everywhere!

I love the trim on this one.

Pillows pull colors from the room and can tie it all together.

Pillows in a bedroom make it so much more comfortable.

They can bring your personality to the space.

I want to sit by the fire in this room!

If you want to make a room more COZY ---
Add some toss pillows.

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