Thursday, February 26, 2009

The majority of the BEFORE and AFTER photos on my blog are done
with using just what is in that home already.

We walk through the house and see what we could use from other rooms ---
to fill a need in the space we are working on.

You will not always have everything that you need.

But when you are ready to purchase an item
you will then know right where to put it.



Notice the lamps, one came from a bedroom the other from the basement. The bowl of apples came from the kitchen table --- don't they look great here!

This end table was in the basement, and the plant was in the living room.

The baskets also came from another area of the house.

The vase of flowers was in the living room.

And the coffee table was by the front door --- a chest to hold all of the winter stuff.

We just repurposed it
and it is a great addition to the family room.

Look around your space and see what you could use too!

Books are a great accessory.
Almost everyone has a few books around the house.

The best books for displaying are hardbound books.

Take the dust covers off,
and you get that classic library feel.

A book brings in that "COZY" feel.

It evokes images of cozying up on the couch---
with a good book on a rainy day.

See how the colors of these books tie in
with the colors in the room.

Put books under a lamp or vase to adjust the height.

A few books on a side table are the perfect accessory.

So look around your house and see what you can find!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Pop Quiz

As you look at these 4 photos ---

What 3 design principles, that we have talked about
are in common in each Bedroom.

So what did you figure out?


Each room has a lamp.


Each room has pillows, an extra throw or curtains.

Natural Elements:

Each bedroom has a vase with flowers.

As you learn these design principles you will be able to look at a room differently than you did before --- and see what is there and what is missing.

Isn't that fun!

I love it!

all photos in this post are from bhg

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This grouping against the wall makes a great
Focal point.

In this BEFORE the sofa is against the wall---

See how the picture is hung up high ---
and does not feel connected to the sofa as a unit.

In this AFTER picture we pulled the loveseat it in closer to the
other sofa and created a conversation area.

The flow of traffic now goes behind the sofa and the
wall is freed up to create a focal point.

Doesn't that FEEL better.

Look for the Focal Point in this living room.

You can really see it now ---

The sofa, mirror and assorted wall art, draw your eye to that wall.


Here is the same room with a different angle ---


Can you feel the "COZY" factor!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What do you see first?

The bed is almost always a focal point in a bedroom.
It draws your attention --- so make it look good!

This bedroom BEFORE

The bedroom AFTER

We placed the bed at an angle ---

Added a few more quilts and pillows
and put a few baseball caps on the wall behind the bed.

It instantly became the focal point of the room.

This wall had nothing that you really rested your eye on.

We made a grouping on the wall
with the same shelf that was there and just added a few more items.

It created a unit on that wall ---a focal point!

Here is a close-up of the group.

This family room BEFORE

There is not a place for your eyes to rest---
no certain area to draw your eye in.

We created a grouping or unit behind the couch on the wall.
See how your eye is drawn there.

This far wall BEFORE --- nothing to focus on.

See the difference ---By placing the dresser and chair
together with other accessories on the table top and wall -

We have a focal point ---
a unit to focus on!

Go look around your house
and see if you have a place to rest your eyes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What is the Focal Point?

You want to have a focal point
on each wall.

See how the four framed pictures and the plant along with the sofa
create a unit on that wall --- it is the focal point of the wall.

Your eyes are drawn there first.

This entry wall is filled --- nothing really stands out as important.

Now there is something to focus on ---
We created a unit with the framed art, the table, lamp and plant.

What do you see in this BEFORE?

Is there a place for your eyes to focus?

In the AFTER shot ---

We brought in the piano and placed a mirror above it.
See how it becomes the focal point of that wall.

Your eye has a place to pause.

At this angle, in the BEFORE the artwork and pictures line the wall.

In this AFTER--- We created a unit above the couch.

Doesn't it feel better.

The bed is usually the focus of a bedroom.

See how we added the framed mirror and the little oval frames
to create a unit with the bed.
Your eyes are directed straight there.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little More Red

Notice the touches of Red


Family Room BEFORE

Family Room AFTER



Wow! Look at the difference.

What elements create this "cozy" space?

-- Lamps in three different places---
in a triangle pattern
Fabric -- Pillows, a Rug and Throw
Balance -- The furniture is placed so that it is
weighted evenly
Tables -- To put lamps and accesories on
Natural Elements -- Flowers in a vase on the mantel and
on the end table, as well as a little greenery
Red -- Little touches of Red throughout the room

Today, remember the power of RED!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Something Red

Add a little bit of Red and the
room will come to life!

As I was walking through this store I could not help but notice
the bits of Red added everywhere.

This family room Before --- without any Red.

Notice the Red that we put on the mantel ---
The large Red pot with Red twigs.
The wicker basket at the left of the mirror. A Red book on the shelf.

Now --- this is not something that works in every case.
But it is always worth trying a little touch of red to see how it feels.

We have seen this before --- but look for the Red this time.

The Red on the piano bench ---
the pillow on the chair --- and the Red books.

Add a little Red and --- see the room pop!