Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pairs...Create Balance

I usually talk about using odd numbers when decorating...
but using PAIRS is a great way to create balance in a room.
And lends itself to a more formal feel.

A Pair of Chairs
A Pair of Trees

A Pair of Sculptures

A Pair of lamps

A Pair of Vases filled with grass.

A Pair of Niches
A Pair of Chairs
A Pair of Pillows
A Pair of Topiaries

Sometimes using a Pair is an easy way to create a feeling of balance in a room.
I am joining Julia at Hooked on Houses today.


  1. Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...
    Great post! Love these photos you used to illustrate it, too. And I really enjoyed watching your TV appearance in the sidebar video. You did a wonderful job! :-)
    Renee said...
    I love your blog! I am decorating-challenged so I am so happy to find not only pictures of great decorating, but some explanations as well. Thank you for sharing!
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thanks, it has been so fun doing a few TV appearances --- it is a great way to spread tips on ideas you can do for yourself.
    Phillips Phamily Mama said...
    Love the pairs! So true. Great job with that wall!

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