Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Entry

It has been such fun for me to take all of these ideas and principles that I share with you and use them on a fresh new space!

This is the entry in my new home,  I am wanting to show you how you can use what you have already and how to add a few "new" items, to create a comfortable, cozy home.  I will explain!

This was the entry BEFORE
It was painted and I did lay the rug.  Both of those things can make such a difference. 
Now the rug---I knew that I wanted a large rug to soften up all of the tile in the large entry, and as you know when you have a new place you just want new everything.  But it all starts to add up. 

So I have been spending some time in the online classifieds in my area.  In my local area it is ksl.com.  Items are listed for sale and you can find almost anything.

I found this rug brand new for $70.00.  It was a color and style that I liked and it would go with items that I already had. 


The cabinet next to the front door I was able to get for $100.00. It did have some dings and scratches but nothing I could not fix up.

The ornamental iron I also found on ksl.com, it had been used in staging a house and I got it for $5.00.  I love how it has similar patterns and colors as the rug.

These are plaster reliefs hanging above the door.

Here they are hanging in my other home.

As you move around the entry there is a wall that I arranged with family photos.

I will talk more about arranging photos in another post.

This grandfather clock was my parents.  They bought it in Germany when my father was in the service and I was a baby. When they recently moved they let me keep it in my home.  I love having it in the entry.  It is a precious heirloom to me.

As you continue around there is a bathroom (which I will talk more about in another post) and then the entrance into the kitchen.

The door at the end of the hallway is a bedroom.  I am standing there taking the next photo towards you.

Here is a shot from the bedroom door through the entry and into the living room.

What a difference it can make adding some of your own personality to your home!

I am hoping that as I share different photos and ideas that it helps you to create a more cozy and comfortable home for your family.

Warmest Regards,

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Room Redesigned

This family room had been waiting to "feel like home again".

Notice the white walls. There is not really a focal point--a place to rest your eye as you enter the room.

This redesign also got a little paint job!  If you look on the shelf under the window you will see the white moulding.  The room now has a warm coat of paint. 
Paint really can create a nice warm feeling in a room.

The entertainment center is now positioned on the back wall and becomes a focal  point as you enter the room.

This family room doubled as an office as well.  The desk was quite large and blocked the flow from the kitchen.

We removed the large piece off the top of the desk so we could let in more light and have it connect better with the kitchen.

The office now takes up just the back end of the room. We were able to seperate the two areas by turning the sectional.

Also see how we added some touches of red.  It really gave some life to the space.

Go back and see where we put in a few natural elements, and do you see any additional lighting?
Let me know what you think!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Add Some ART

This frame was hanging in the bedroom of my previous home.  It has a photo of my cute kids.

But originally I bought this frame as well as another at a yard sale  $5 each - A great deal!--- (they had a couple of bulldog paintings in them).

I have always wanted some original art in my home and thought these two frames would be perfect for that.

Bedroom in other home.

I found two oil paintings that I loved. 
A client of mine had purchased a few pieces from this outlet and she told me about it.

So now I am sharing it with you!  I got each 8"x10"oil painting for $29.00.  Isn't that amazing!

And they work beautifully in the frames that I already had!

The shop is call ART GALLERY OULET they have art in all sizes and many varieties.

I love how these go so well in my bedroom.

This is another piece that I purchased, it is 11"x14" and the cost was $39.00.  I had them frame this one for me, and the frame was $100.00.

I am so thrilled to start hanging a few oil paintings in my home.

Maybe you will too!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is in my bedroom at our new home.

Since I recently moved, it really gave me a chance to look at
different possibilities for my furniture.
This is sometimes easier when you move because everything
 is out of place.

But thank goodness you don't all  have to move! 

The idea here is to look at items in your home and see how you might change them up by moving them to a different place.

Now here is the same table ---
Before it was in my entry in the living room.

See the green walls --- I do love color on the wall.  I thought I would try more neutrals in my new place but as I have been living here I am wanting to darken things up a bit, but it will have to wait, we just painted the whole house!! I will share what I come up with.

This was an old sewing cabinet that my mother-in-law
gave me years ago.  It has worked great.

It now has a new home in  my bedroom as the nightstand.  I am considering staining it darker (maybe that will be a summer project)

I have to share with you about the lamp. 

I really wanted a larger lamp for this table, but a lamp like this would run $70.00 or $80.00 dollars and I was not going to spend that.  I was looking on ksl.com classifieds (it is like Craigslist), under home decor I found a design shop that had some deeply discounted items. It was just 15 minutes from my house.  I was able to get this designer lamp with inlayed glass and a suede lamp shade for $20.00.  I was thrilled!

If you live in Utah the design shop is called Design It and they still have clearance items--- large area rugs $100, lamps  $10 - $20, toss pillows $10 and other assorted home decor from$1-$20. 
It is in Provo in the East Bay area.

Love the little green grass. 

You will find that when you move, some items you have really work and others just don't. 
Sometimes you just have to go shopping.

So... originally I had the table, the books, the wooden box, the candle holder and the frames.
I bought the lamp and the two oil paintings.

Next time I will tell you about the paintings. 
I have always wanted REAL art in my home!

Until then, look around and see what you can change up.

By the way--- LASIK surgery is AMAZING!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life has been full of all kinds of excitement. This week I had Lasik surgery on my eyes. What a miracle!  I had such a great experience. The good folks at Hoopes Vision in Sandy, Utah were remarkable.  It has been 28 years that I have been wearing contacts and now I can see the alarm clock in the morning without asking my husband what time it is---he is happy! 
But really I am thrilled!! Now on the the good stuff.

Finally --- a few photos of my new home!

I have to say this has been such a fun experience.  Starting with a fresh canvas!

This is the BEFORE lots of white walls!  Now, I moved from a home that had all kinds of color on the walls, so this time I decided to go more neutral and see how it felt.  We painted three different colors of taupe throughout the house.

AFTER - A little warm paint on the walls and some furniture.  Notice the lamps, yes - I do love lamps!

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER

Living Room


Sitting Room

So--- these are a few different spaces in my new home.
  I will be sharing some tips and ideas with you on what was new and what was old and some shots of my other house so you can see how we can use the original items in the new space.

It will be fun---so come on back!!

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