Monday, January 25, 2010

Decorate Your New Place

Hi everyone --- I am in the process of packing up!

Our family will be moving to a new place this next week.
Very exciting--- but, Wow! packing takes up so much time.
I will share with you some photos in the coming weeks.

But for now I have a few photos of a client's move.

This Living Room was for a client who had just moved.

They were down sizing and had taken a few of thier original belongings and added a few new items.

I will show you some BEFORE and AFTERS and will give you all the particulars on my next post.






I am joining in MET MONDAY over at Between Naps on the Porch. There are all kinds of before and afters!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I did some consulting the other day and we did a very simple and easy rearrange with some accessories on this piano. This is a Photo of the AFTER


BEFORE close up

We used the same items just bulked it up a bit.
We brought in another candle stick and placed the green ball on it.
Then we took the vase and sat it in the little green holder to give it more substance.
It made the scale of the accessories more in line with the artwork.


We just added a couple of books under the urn, and placed the lamp a little closer to the artwork.

It was simple but does look better! See if you can do a little rearranging around your house ---
It sure feels great to spruce things up a bit during January!
I am participating in Transformation Thursday, go and see more transformations.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My last post was a quiz about this room. Today I have the answers!
What made the difference?

The bed was the dominant piece in the room. The wall to the right really needed something to balance out some of the visual weight of the bed.

A dresser seemed like the logical choice. But thier bed has drawers underneath so they did not have a dresser.
In the closet we found a cedar chest. We also took a shelf with a quilt rod from another room, and together created enough visual weight to balance out the heavy bed.

Notice how all of these items seem to have a common theme. This homeowner is drawn to a country cottage feel. So when we shopped the house we were able find items that fit together nicely.

You will see this in your own home --- you are usually drawn to a certain kind of style or look.

The bedroom was rather plain and showed very little personality.

The additional pillows and quilt that were in storage really
helped to cozy up the bed.
The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and you want to make it look as inviting a possible.

Look how we tied the lavender, green and blue from the quilt throughout the room.

This antique rocking chair and mirror from the basement really added some visual weight the the other side of the room. On the floor is a wicker basket with a few blankets folded up inside. Also the pillow in the chair continues to tie the color throughout.

Notice the scale of the piece hanging above the bed.
It is too small for that space.

The clock with the two wire candle holders feels better. It is the right size, and together they create more of a unit above the bed.

Also see how much cozier it feels to have the lamps ON.

As you look at the nightstands, you will see that we put together more of a unit, hanging something above the lamp. One side is more feminine and the other more masculine.


We balanced out this wall by adding the chair
and hanging the photos on the wall.
The plant adds a natural element and softens the space.

We used the china hutch to display the homeowners collection of china and teapots.

So overall, the redesign of this bedroom created a much more cozy and inviting space!

Try some of these ideas in your own home.

I am joining Transformation Thursday go and take a look.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bedroom Redesign Quiz

Are you ready for a little brain exercise?
Look at these before and afters and tell me what made the difference.





These are real people's homes---
using just what they had---
to redesign the space.

I really does feel more like home!!

Let me know what you think made it feel better.

To see more BEFORE and AFTERS go to Met Monday

I will give you the answers in my next post as well as more photos of this room.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Redecorate a Shelf

Sometimes, something as small as a shelf with a redesign
can lift your spirits.
It is always so nice in January to redo something!

This is my shelf BEFORE and I liked it okay-but wanted to make a few little changes.

I shopped for the red pot in my bedroom, the little pears and the red berries were mixed in a bottle of all kinds of fruit and gourds that I picked up at a yard sale this summer for a dollar!
The candles were at a thrift store .50 cents each as well as the little holders.
And the green plate was .75 cents.
Everything else was already on the shelf.

You can hardly notice but I did paint the wall a lovely warm gold.
Before it was a washed on light yellow.

I did buy the leaves and berries on the candles new, but on clearance.
It felt so great!!

A little redesign at so little cost.

So take an hour and redecorate a shelf in your home ---
You will feel great!!

I am participating in Transformation Thursday, there are a lot of fun things to see.

Monday, January 4, 2010

After Christmas is the perfect time to rearrange a few things. The Christmas tree is now gone and all of the decorations have been put away. (well in my case that is supposed to happen today!)
The new year is here and a great time for a fresh start.
Look around your space and see what you can change up.

This living room just had all of the Christmas decor put away and it is looking a little bare.

We just changed up a few things and then added in accessories ---
What a difference in the comfort level!

We removed the mirror above the fireplace and replaced it with a painting. (they just changed places)

So what made the difference?

Red Accessories



Notice the plants, the pillow on the chair, and the lamp --- the red platter is very eye catching.

So ...we cozied up the space by adding a few items that she already had around the house.

You can do it too!

Look around your home and see how you could make your room feel better--- now that all the Christmas fun is put away.

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