Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YOU can Redesign TOO!

I love teaching YOU how to make your space feel more cozy.
There is nothing quite so satisfying to me, than to see that it is making a difference.

I met with a friend of mine a month or so ago.
She was ready for a new look and some ideas about what to do in her living room and master bedroom.
She had a little money to spend and was not quite sure what to be looking for.

Here is the Living Room BEFORE.

And here is the AFTER.
Now the wonderful thing about this is --- that she did it all on her own --- well, I did talk to her about a few ideas, but she took the information from the blog and used it
to put together her new room.

After seeing the post on making a "Unit", she decided to put together the oval table with the lamp and the three pictures hanging vertically up the wall.

Then picked a few fresh flowers from her yard and placed them on the table to add a lovely natural element.

Notice how the pillows soften the brown leather couch ---
it is much more inviting.

BEFORE she had a sofa and a love seat in this room,
but they were not nearly as interesting as the love seat and two chairs.

She went on the classifieds and picked up these two chairs --- they were partially upholstered. She decided to be brave and finish them up. Then with a little fabric left over she made a couple of pillows for the sofa. It tied the room together, and felt so much better.

The table between the two chairs was her grandmother's
and was quite special to her, so she was able to
add something that she loved into the space.

The pot with sticks, the books, art and the light over the piano
make a very nice focal point in the room.

She added a few accessories, frames, pillow, greenery, a candle and some books.

I have to say I was very impressed!
And she will tell you this is not something she really knows how to do ---

So the blog posts can help you too.

Just start with one thing,
and if you have questions please ask me --- I would be happy to give you some suggestions.

Now go give it a try!

Friday, June 26, 2009

When you add a little bit of RED to a room
it really gives it some LIFE!

See the RED books under the vases ---

Notice the RED pot and Tulips on the mantle.

A couple of Red pillows and some more RED flowers.

See how easy it is to add a little something red ---
And it Really does create a Pop! in the space.

Now, this may not work in every room --- but it is worth trying.

these photos are from bhg

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Book shelves are for books right?
Yes ---but if you want it to look and feel "COZY"

You want to add a few other accessories.

These two photos from Better Homes and Gardens are great examples of adding that little extra:

Framed Pictures
Notice how some of the books are upright and some are
laid down flat and stacked up.
See how they are interspersed between the books.

See a few figurines, a basket (adds great texture) and some frames.
Some books are standing open on the bottom.

Notice the different heights.

These shelves have a clock and a box with the books.

Here is a little collection of china on one shelf ---
See the different heights and the odd numbers.

This shelf highlights a couple of matching pottery pieces along with some books.

Little pot of flowers (natural element)
Wooden box

Put a few items that you LOVE along with the books and they will stand out-

You will be showcasing those few pieces ---
and it will feel good to be surrounded with items that mean something to you.

You can display hardbound books with the
dustcovers off and it gives your space a more
classic library feel.

Notice how the little pot of flowers really livens up the space!

It is also nice to add round elements to the mix --
See how good the plates work.

When you have dark shelves it is good to place a few
light colored pieces ---
They will really stand out.

So remember . . . if you want to have a "COZY" Book Shelf
Add something more than Books!

Look at your book shelves this week and see what you can do to spruce them up a bit.

Have fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is the home that was featured on the Studio 5 segment.
(I want to Thank Lisa for being so willing to have her home on TV.)

I wanted to show you my before and after photos and talk
about what made the difference.
Everything we used for this space was already in her home.


AFTER -The cabinet that is on the far wall was in her bedroom. It was a great piece to add to the living room, because we used it in creating a focal point. We added a lamp on the top, some frames and a natural element, it is now a place your eye can rest.


See how we created a "Unit" with the couch, the picture on the wall and the accessories on the table behind the couch. If you saw the video clip --- the table behind the couch is an old sewing cabinet that we found in the basement storage!

We got the lamp and the plants from the family room.


Notice how the rug anchors the furniture, it adds texture and helps pull the room together. We got it from the dining room.

See what a difference the gold pillows make. They were in the closet, left over from an older comforter set.

The little table we have between the two chairs is a country style with hunter green paint that we found in the basement. It would not work the way it was, so we just covered it with a gold tablecloth that we found in the kitchen.
Look how great it works with the bedroom pillows.

Isn't this fun . . . ! It truly is like a treasure hunt.

Start with just one room and see what elements you
can pull
from other parts of your house.

Who would have guessed that we could find a tablecloth and pillows that add so much to the living room.

Go ahead and give it a try!

---I would love to hear about it---

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Studio 5 TV Interview

I was on interviewed on Studio 5 KSL TV today.
It was so fun!
3 Tips to an Easy Room Makeover -
Here is the clip . . .

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Monday, June 15, 2009

We're going to go a little out of your comfort zone today.
Somewhat out of the box!
So often when we arrange our rooms, the furniture lines
up against the wall.
I want to encourage you to see other possibilities . . . Angles.

It may not work in every space, but it is so worth trying.

You will be surprised at the different, yet cozy feel that you can achieve.

So pull that furniture out from the walls, and see what you can create.

Be Brave. . . It won't cost you a thing!

This can even work in the bedroom.
I love doing this with twin beds.

Try it !

And let me know how it worked for you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today, I wanted to show you some "real home" examples of what a difference Fabric can make in your home.

Look at these photos focusing on the Fabric and how it makes the space feel.

This family room has a variety of fabrics --- notice how the couch is a solid color and the pillows and quilt have a variety of patterns.

This Living Room feels much cozier with the two blue pillows, the throw and the
embroidered pillow.

See all the layers of fabric ---

We just pulled out a few different blankets and pillows
that had the same colors in them.

The curtain panels along with the quilt and pillows
creates a warm comfortable space.

See how the curtain valance and the runner on the table soften up this hallway. The curtain is a floral and the runner on the table is a plaid, but see how they have the same colors, that allows them to work well together.

The burnt orange pillow is the same color as the artwork behind the couch.
That one pillow makes such a difference.

Notice the rugs and the pillows.

Curtains, pillows, and a throw.
The basket on the floor also has a little banket rolled up.

Now . . . look around your home with new eyes and see where you could add a Fabric element!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

My neighbor called and said he had a
Design Emergency!
They had been looking for a desk --- a manly desk ---
well, he found it!
The problem was the desk was about 7 feet long. They wanted to change the living room into a home office, but were sure that the "great"desk they had found was now too big for the space.

Here is the living room BEFORE.
It had a piano and a china hutch as well as a chair.
When they brought in the desk it felt so . . . BIG.

Here is the same corner AFTER. This part was such fun!
We turned the desk the other direction,
and out in the shed they had this great old trunk.
It was a perfect fit for the bay window, giving some weight to that side of the room.
On the top is a kangaroo skin from Australia.

The china hutch behind the desk balances out
the weight of the large desk.
Notice how we have a lamp and a few natural elements,
they add to the coziness of the office.

On the day we did this redesign there was a huge yard sale in the housing community just behind our home.
I saw this large piece of art and it had a definite masculine "office-den" feel.
(If you look in the first before shot the art that was originally in the room was too small in scale.)

We picked up the piece and it was just the right fit

Love it when that happens!

Notice how we made a "unit" with the chair and the items hanging on the wall. The homeowner had spent some time in Australia and had some wonderful items that we were able to incorporate into the office.

Here is the living room BEFORE, and the china hutch before.
We took off the doors and took out the leaded glass,
then added a little darker gel stain over the top.

It went from rather fancy to quite masculine.

We added a throw blanket on the chair for a fabric element.


We also found the green palm at the yard sale for $5.00.
It was just what that corner needed.
So this Living room became an office for "the man of the house".

It is full of things that are meaningful and things that are useful, and it feels COZY!