Thursday, May 26, 2011

A good grouping can include pieces of furniture
 that are next to the items on the wall.

In this photo we hung two framed pieces with
one green wreath in the middle.
This added texture, something 3-dimensional and a
 natural element all in one!

See how the framed art is hung vertical
and the bottom one feesl like it fits right
 in with the chair.

When you add the lamp right next to the chair
 it all fits together nicely.

In this BEFORE shot the grouping on the wall
 is hung high above the couch.

This is the AFTER of the same wall. 
See how we created a group with the artwork,
the lamp, and the couch.
(We brought up the leather sofa from the basement)

In this area there was too much in the group.

  Sometimes you have to take away items.
And when you do it feels so much better.

The wall cabinet with the lamps and the mirror
really work well as a group.

Doesn't this feel more like a space you want to be in?

And this was all done using items that this home owner
 had in her home already!

Look around your house and see what you may be able
 to group together.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you to those of you who took the pop quiz! 
At the bottom of the post I have a fun story about this living room...(go and take a look)

Also ---
I am linking up to a blog party over at
to see some great transformations go and take a look!

Try a few of these ideas in your home and
see how much better it will feel.

I was able to take one photo and my camera battery died! 
So... I only have one BEFORE,
but you get the idea that it was just two couches and a TV on the wall.

You will see what an amazing difference
adding a few accessories will do!


See how we added:

A lamp (lighting)
Toss pillows with colors and patterns (fabric)
Tables (to place accessories on)
A bowl of apples a green plant
and some berries in the plate rack (natural elements)

We also put both of the sofas on an angle
so that the room was more open and inviting to step into.

 I really think that a TV hanging on the wall needs something
underneath to anchor it. 
It will give a more balanced feel to the room.

 See how adding a few accessories on the table creates
 a more inviting, comfortable feel.

On the back wall we added the bookcases and the table,
which were in an office downstairs.

Notice the tray on the coffee table. 
 I love to use trays, it is a nice neat way to contain remotes magazines
and the bowl of apples makes a colorful centerpiece.

We created a nice "unit" with the table, the lamp 
and the pictures on the wall.

The ottoman was in the bedroom, but I felt like this was a great way
 to soften the dark wood, it ties in nicely with the white in the
pillows and the white tray as well as the white frame above.

See how we are pulling little bits of white and green
 throughout the space.

Bookcases are a great way to accessorize a room
and gives it that warm cozy feel.

We hung this mirror above the bookcase to add some more
height to the grouping. It needed a little something to
soften all of the hard edges, so the wreath was a perfect way to
add a natural element as well as something round. 

It also has the right coloring accents for the room.

Notice the furniture is very neutral, so the pillows really give
 it the personality, with the colors and patterns.

This homeowner purchased some pillows from Pottery Barn,
later when she returned to buy a few more they where gone. 

But she found table napkins in the same coordinating fabric,
so she bought a few and sewed them into pillows...
Very creative!

Notice the fabric is not the same but they all have the
colors white, salmon and green.

The ornamental iron chair fits right in with the other accents
of ornamental iron throughout the room.
See how we softened it with a throw blanket and pillow.

Take note of the pillows and the ornamental iron wall art.

These frames also carry the color theme.

I had a previous client who purchased a redesign for her friend.  This living room is the friends home.
Her house had been for sale for sometime, although they were not really thinking that it would sale anytime soon.  They had purchased land to build on at a later time, and in order to qualify for the land they had to put thier house up for sale.

About a week or two after I did the redesign on the Living Room she recieved an offer on the home requesting that they include all of the furnishings just the way they were here!

She was so surprised and thrilled.  Although the friend who gave her the gift was not to happy since they were neighbors.

So... what I am teaching you WORKS! 
These principles make a difference in how a space feels.
You can really do this on your own
if you follow what I am teaching you.


 if you live in Utah I am happy to come and assist you.
For $50.00 an hour you can have your space redesigned!

One room usually takes 2-3 hours to complete.

Call me at 801-798-0478 or email me at

It is truely one of my Favorite things to do!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quiz Yourself

Here is a quick BEFORE and AFTER
See if you can see what we did!



Tell me what you think?