Monday, November 29, 2010

This is the second in a series of posts on Fabric.

This bedroom before really does look good ---
 it just needed some fabric on the windows.

We did just a little bit of fabric on the top of the two windows
and added a pillow on the bed with the same fabric as the new curtains.

It ties the space together nicely when you take similar fabric and
 have it in different places around the room.


The large window really needed to be softened
by adding the long paneled curtains it really warmed up the bedroom
and made if feel more inviting and comfortable. 

Add a few curtains and pillows
and you will be amazed
at how comfortable and cozy your room will feel!

Friday, November 19, 2010

This post is a first, in a series on FABRIC
and how it really does make a home
FEEL so much more comfortable and COZY!

This bedroom has some beautiful furniture and great bedding,
but it just needed a little something more---

What made the difference?


Throw pillows
Throw blanket

(And of course see how much warmer it feels
with the lamp turned on!)


Curtains really do soften a space and make it feel more inviting. 
The throw blanket and pillow on the ottoman
help to create a softer welcoming feel.

Notice how we brought the colors and patterns around the room. 
It helps to tie the space together.

The toss pillows on the bed have some solid colors and some pattern. 
But 3 main colors --- Green, Brown, and White
The green pillow in the front has the same fabric as the curtains ---
 we are moving that pattern and color around the room.

On the window seat we added more pillows with texture and pattern. 
 See how they do not all match but do look good together.

On the chair across the room notice the patterned pillows .

The curtains really do soften the space!

So add a little Fabric to your home
and it will FEEL more COZY!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Living Room Redo

This Living Room received a Sophisticated Upgrade---
and all with what the homeowner had already!


What made the difference?
We just moved the furniture on an angle,
 added an armchair that was in storage down in the basement,
and added an area rug, that was rolled up in the garage!
See how the placement of the pillows
creates a more sophisticated feel.


See how inviting this space is now. 
You really want to sit down and visit.
The area rug anchors the furniture
and really helps to create a nice conversation area.

The piano wall BEFORE

It was such a high wall that we needed to add some height to the top of the piano.
This made the scale of the wall not feel so large.


What do you see that makes such a difference between these two shots?

Notice how the AFTER FEELS so much Calmer.
See how the size of the armoire fits the space
 between the two windows better,
 and because it has doors, it can close up the visual clutter
 of movies and books.

Amazing isn't it!

The wicker baskets under the table add some texture to the space.

There are touches of green, white and brown throughout the room. 
Using these colors around the room, ties it all together.

The votive candles on the table add some visual life to the room.
The fabric runner softens the tabletop.

What a difference!

See if you can take some of these simple tips
and make your own space more Cozy!