Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We gave this living room a little shake up!


We turned the couches on an angle and placed them close together
 in a L pattern so you can have a nice conversation
without having someone walk between you.


See how welcoming and inviting this arrangement feels.

We have divided the room up into different areas.
The back wall with the keyboard now feels like it has it's own space.
The two couches create a conversation area
as well as tv viewing.


On this back wall we arranged a nice reading area
with a lamp and table.
It also works for veiwing the tv.

Notice how we added a lamp and some flowers on the table.
This is a quick easy way to accessorize a tabletop.

The red pillow in the chair is a nice way
 to pull color around the room.

Overall, we created a warm inviting place
to visit, read a book or watch a movie!

Try placing some of your furniture on an angle
 and see what you think. 

You may be surprised!

Friday, August 12, 2011

This Living Room had a fantastic rug
that we used for the inspiration in the room.


When using an inspiration piece it is good to pull out around 3 colors. 
We took some blues, rust and gold colors from the rug.

(This was before the painting arrived.)
See how adding the blue really made the space feel so much more comfortable.

There were some rust colored accessories on the mantle,
but it really needed something else.

See how the painting has similar colors to those in the rug.
The bits of blue really pull it together nicely.

As you can see some of the room is done,
but the buffet in the back on the left was not yet completed.

Here is how we tied it in to the rest of the room.

See how we added a touch of blue,
a lamp and some natural balls.

It is so much more inviting now!

Using pillows is a great way to tie in the color and pattern.
See how one pillow is the same pattern as the chairs and the other has rust, gold and blue.
 It really creates a pulled together feel in the entire room.