Thursday, February 16, 2012

So what can you learn from looking at this great
Great room?

Let's to go through the space and talk about
what design principles you can use from this example.

In the above photo the furniture is gathered around the
center of the room facing the fireplace which
is the focal point of the room.
It creates a wonderful conversation area.

1. Converstion Area (the furniture is balanced in the space)
2.  Three Lamps in a triangle pattern.

3. Similar Patterns and Colors throughout the space.

4. See how the Rug anchors the furniture.

5. Natural Elements
(flowers, apples)

6. Notice the Different Textures on the table...
wicker basket, the wooden boxes
as well as the shiny glass candlesticks. 
And of course books...I love books in a room.

7. Fabric
(the different toss pillows)

8. Staggering the heights of the items on the coffee table
makes it more pleasing to the eye.

See how you can take ideas from this beautifully designed
 Dream Home and use a few in your own home!!

Try at least one in your house today!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The HGTV Dream House is in Utah this year!
So I thought I would do a few posts featuring this home
and see what design principles
you and I can use for our own homes!

For today I just wanted to show you some of the exterior shots.

Notice the way they have taken blue and incorporated
 it in different places around the outside of the home.

This works when you are doing the outside as well as the inside of a home.

When you take similar colors and textures and you
move them around the space it ties everything together.
The blues, the neutrals and the texture of the stone.

It is a beautiful home to look at  from the outside.

In my next post, we will see some of the interior rooms,
 and see what examples we can learn from!