Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If you want to create a cozy space in a
large room this is what you do...


 1. Move the furniture away from the walls.

 2. Create a conversation area by placing
the furniture closer together, it is always nice to
 add a rug it anchors the furniture.

 The couch looks a little lonely on that big wall,
even the large artwork feels isolated
in the middle of the large space.

3. Bring the artwork down so that it
 fits with a group, the table, lamp and chair.

4. Add a lamp or two, this creates a
warmer more intimate atmosphere.

5. Add a few patterned pillows that use
 the colors you have in the room.
This helps tie the room together.

See what a difference it can make!
Now you have a warm inviting room.
 Go and see what you can do in
your own space with these simple tips!!