Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tables - Add Beauty and Utility

Have you ever stopped to realize what a difference a table can make?

Here is a Living Room BEFORE

are a perfect spot to place a lamp
a place for your book
a nice place to hold a plant
a surface to put your drink on
a place to put the TV

A tray on an ottoman makes a great table.

A trio of nesting tables next to the sofa is very useful, and the plant looks great there.

Tables are the workhorses of a room.
A starting place so that you can layer in lighting, natural elements, and additional accessories.
Remember to have some tables in your room!

I am participating in Works for Me Wednesday
Go and take a look at what is working for everyone else today!


  1. Shelia said...
    Hi Angela! Yes, love the tables. What a difference your 'after' picture is! Those little stacking tables are just the right touch. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)
    Holly said...
    What a big difference! So cozy. I love those particular nesting tables...are they currently available somewhere?
    Kerri said...
    Angela, It was fun talking to you at Savers the other day! I wisdh we were neighbors so you could come over and see all the fun stuff I'm working on and have planned for my house! I'll have to blog before and afters.
    Lizzylou said...
    Angela, I've got to see my in-laws house the other day. I love what you did!! You are absolutely amazing!!! I would never have thought you could change it so much to feel like a nice room. Great job, and thanks again! PS: They all love it, especially Ryans Dad.

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