Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today I want to show you that
even with limited resources
you can ADD some Coziness to a room using only what you have on hand.
Some of us are not "keepers" in other words if we don't use it --- we get rid of it, or there may be some of you who are starting out in a new house and have very little to work with.
So I will show you how you can take a few items from other rooms and use them to create a comfortable feel in the space we are working on.
Now you may not want to keep those items in the new space, but
I am wanting you to see what is possible
so that when you do have the resources to get a few items you know what it feels like to have that in your space.

Living Room --- BEFORE --- Two sofas and a piano

1. We moved the piano in the corner so that when you come in the room it is the Focal Point.
2. We took some Artwork from the hall and the storage and hung them on the wall.
3. We found a bookcase in the office, it really helps to have
some piece of furniture that you can display accessories on, and to add some weight and balance to the wall.
(it could be a table, desk, or bookcase)


We found some pillows in the playroom. The homeowner really did not like them, but was so surprised at how much they added to the couch (having a few solid pillow colors) We also added a small blanket on the arm of the sofa, as well as a quilt in the basket on the floor.
Fabric makes a real difference.



Tables really add, they are a place to put a lamp, some books or a drink, so that you want to hang out in that room.
We took this one from the family room.

You know that I love LAMPS . . . if you do only one thing add a lamp and it will feel more cozy.
We took the lamp from the bedroom.
Notice on the table I have one lamp, some greenery (Natural Elements) and a frame.
Three items on the table and it works---SIMPLE.

In this BEFORE the one picture on the wall feels a little lonely.

In the AFTER see how we added a couple of other pieces and it feels more like a unit.
Again --- see the pillows the greenery and the lamp.
So without spending any money the room feels Cozier, and the family wants to be there.
Isn't that why we do this?
So our family and friends will want to come and spend time in our home.

Now YOU go give it a try.

I am joining in Metamorphosis Monday go and check out other before and afters.


  1. Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...
    Just the simple placement of furniture can make all the difference in the world. Great job!

    When visiting my post, be sure to click on the "Follow" button if you like what you see. This way we can share one anothers creativity!
    marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...
    I love to shop the house also, and the new furniture arrangement is just wonderful. Everything looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty
    Tamera said...
    Nothing better than transforming for FREE! Love how furniture placement can make such a huge difference.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Delightful Dwelling said...
    It looks great. It's amazing what some simple rearranging and accessories can do.
    Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...
    Very nice rearrangement!

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