Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Playroom for the Grandkids

Aren't these little chairs the cutest . . . well ---

This client had a room she wanted just for her grandkids.

Here is the BEFORE

We just spruced it up a little using items she had already.

A book shelf is a great place to store toys, books and supplies.

She loves chairs and had quite a collection ---
we decided to use them as a fun theme in the room.

Stickers, crayons and markers.

We added some fun checkered curtains that she had boxed away.
It made the space more homey.

Here is a BEFORE


We covered the bulletin board with colorful paper just to add more fun and color to the room.

And there is still space to play on the floor!
I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for some
Before and Afters.


  1. Lindy said...
    What an adorable room! You did such a good job and made it very inviting.
    Brown Family said...
    And those rocking horses are the coolest! :)
    Anonymous said...
    Very cute! The after looks much more like a fun kids room! Have a good week...
    pk @ room remix
    podso said...
    Looks warm and inviting...great idea for your grandkids, and shows so much care for them!
    Really Rainey said...
    That is really a fun project and some lucky grandkids.. I dod a grandkids playroom as well a couple of months ago, which is now the kids room as they are livign here for a while till they get their new house!

    Have Fun~Happy Fall...

    ~Really Rainey
    Sheri said...
    So very sweet!

    I have a linky party going on, come on over and link up!
    Sherri S said...
    Love all the little chairs! I also like the 'ledge' in the room. Great for the books. Looks like a fun play room now!
    Denise said...
    How cute, I'd love to hang out in a fun place like that :-)
    cindy@cottage instincts said...
    Great transformation, and even better that you used what she had! My favorite kind :o)
    I'm a new follower!
    peace, cindy
    (would love to have you pop over for my first ever giveaway...)
    nannykim at spindle cottage said...
    I especially love the punch of the bulletin board.
    Michelle said...
    Just adorable!

    I used to collect small chairs and I still have about 8 of them. Just could not give them up. Always wanted to hang them on the wall with shaker pegs.
    Kerri said...
    Wow! That room is adorable! I love all of the little chairs!
    niartist said...
    I love love love when chairs are hung on the wall! I think it's such an eclectic and fun thing! This is just perfect for a play room! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring!
    Andrea said...
    Hi...thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am truly enjoying my candles.

    The room you designed looks like a very fun and kid friendly space.

    Happy Decorating,
    ceekay said...
    This is a darling room and I especially love the chairs on the wall. I have a love of chairs also!
    Holly said...
    Lucky grandchildren! What a great room, and the chairs are adorable!

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