Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inspiration-Looks That I Love

Sometimes don't you just need some inspiration!

These photos are from the shop . . . Gatehouse No. 1

I love this look and feel.

They have gorgous lamps . . . and I do love lamps.

I love these textures and colors.

The artichoke is so great!

I love the overall look and feel of these colors.
It is so COZY to me!

Love these upolstered chairs and pillows.
Just thought I would share a little of a look that I LOVE!


  1. Connie said...
    Very nice pictures for inspiration. I love a lot of the items in them but the artichoke is what really caught my attention. Thanks for inspiring the decorator in me.
    By the way, I enjoyed your little segment on entry table arrangements.
    Shelia said...
    Oh, I love the look you love too! Oh, such lovely spots!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :0
    Bonnie said...
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    Bonnie said...
    Angela, I love the Gateway. I was just in Utah last week and went there. I love how they have changed the 2 rooms in the front and made them feel a little more spacious. The ladies that work there are so neat. Already I am thinking I should have bought a few things I passed by. That always happens when I am thinking about how I am going to cram it all in my suitcase.

    They definitely do have the magic look don't they? I love shopping in Utah. Per capita I think you have more stores and the best home stores anywhere I have been. Thanks for sharing. I may have to send my daughter on an errand of mercy to pick up the things I left behind! Ha!
    sweetpicklesandchocolate said...
    Very nice color combinations! Thanks for the inspiration today, just when you think you're out of ideas!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm following you. Come visit again and follow me too!
    NM said...
    I really love how warm and inviting everything looks. I particularly love the lamp in the first picture.
    Love your blog-have signed up to follow!
    Best wishes, NM.
    Terry said...
    What I like about your pictures are the vivid colors here and there. I like complext and simplified/minimal as much as anyone, but I'm getting "neutral'ed" out.

    Thanks for visiting my place. Gordon knows us well enough to badger us. He knows that change is good for us. He'll throw us a few sentimental bones in the process.
    niartist said...
    What a great set of inspiration pictures, and that's a great shop!! I'd be in there often. WOW! I found your blog via Holly at Homebody (I think!) LOL! And it's great. I'll definitely be back, I hope you can stop by sometime.
    Maren Stephenson said...
    I just went to Angela's class on Tuesday night and was inspired. For years I've wanted a cozy home but didn't know where to start and the principles she taught suddenly clicked. I spent Wednesday redesigning my family room using only things that I own and when my husband came home he said, "Wow, this is really nice." I finally feel confident enough to decorate my house and with noticeable results. Thanks so much, Angela.

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