Saturday, October 17, 2009

When putting together any room you want to consider items that you can group together to create a "unit" or a grouping, rather than just putting a few pictures up on the wall.

This bedroom was newly moved into and had nothing
hanging on the walls.

Notice the 3 groupings in this photo:

1. The nightstand has a lamp, a vase of flowers and a crystal clock, as well as a piece of art right above the lamp. This makes it's own group.

2. Above the bed we placed a mirror with a collection of small oval frames. This grouping is just the right scale to fit above the bed, and helps to make the bed a nice focal point. The gold color of all of the pieces really tie it together.

3. On the right of the bed is a small roll top desk, with a lamp, a couple of books and an oval frame. The large rose photo in the center balances out the weight of the desk.

These groupings helped to create balance around the room and are so much more interesting than just hanging up a few pictures.

Take a look around your room and see what you can group together!
Go and see all of the BEFORE and AFTERS at


  1. Sharlotte said...
    This is beautiful! {I LOVE before and after shots.} What a difference you've made. I really appreciate all your tutorials. I'm learning so much! Thanks for sharing.
    Shelia said...
    Love this beautiful bedroom and all that you've done. It's so restful and elegant at the same time.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)
    Kelly Muys Wood said...
    can i ask where is that bed from? i love the metal!

    ImagineCozy said...
    You are so welcome for the tutorials --- this is what I love to do, teach you all little things and hope that you feel empowered to go and try something at home!

    The bed came from a small town estate sale! Love those, you never know what you will find!
    Rebekah@Red's Nest said...
    I love your bedroom. So peaceful and cozy. I'll be back to visit again.

    The Quintessential Magpie said...
    Good job on the bedroom and the arrangements. I enjoyed seeing the before and after. What color is that wall? I love it! Love the antique bed, too.

    Happy Met Monday...


    Sheila :-)
    Anonymous said...
    What an amazing difference the addition of a few simple items makes. It looks incredible!!
    Robin said...
    Your addtions to the room are wonderful. The room looks for cozy and a great place to catch some relaxation.
    Delightful Dwelling said...
    Looks beautiful! What a pretty bed and accessories.
    Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...
    The room looks so nice and fresh, you have done a nice job, contrats...
    { L } said...
    Thank you for the tips! I am in love with the white bedding too! Beautiful.

    Happy Met Monday!
    Kammy said...
    Very nice post, I love your little tutorial !
    Holly said...
    Very nice!
    We moved into our bedroom 18 months ago, and there's still nothing on the walls.

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