Monday, February 16, 2009

What is the Focal Point?

You want to have a focal point
on each wall.

See how the four framed pictures and the plant along with the sofa
create a unit on that wall --- it is the focal point of the wall.

Your eyes are drawn there first.

This entry wall is filled --- nothing really stands out as important.

Now there is something to focus on ---
We created a unit with the framed art, the table, lamp and plant.

What do you see in this BEFORE?

Is there a place for your eyes to focus?

In the AFTER shot ---

We brought in the piano and placed a mirror above it.
See how it becomes the focal point of that wall.

Your eye has a place to pause.

At this angle, in the BEFORE the artwork and pictures line the wall.

In this AFTER--- We created a unit above the couch.

Doesn't it feel better.

The bed is usually the focus of a bedroom.

See how we added the framed mirror and the little oval frames
to create a unit with the bed.
Your eyes are directed straight there.


  1. Pedaling said...
    oh, the after pictures are SO Much better in these shots. that first better homes and garden image is lovely as are all the magic created in the "afters"
    Heidi said...
    Wow! The difference is huge. The after shots showed that when you have a focal point, the room is less cluttered and even more elegant. This concept is simple but totally changes the look of the room!
    Natalie said...
    These are great! I learned this same concept in my fashion class...I forget that interior design and wardrobe styling have the same principles. Here is my fashion/fitness blog you can check out and my personal blog is
    The Olsons said...
    What a difference the focal points make. It makes it fell so much more calming and not so crazy.

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