Thursday, February 26, 2009

The majority of the BEFORE and AFTER photos on my blog are done
with using just what is in that home already.

We walk through the house and see what we could use from other rooms ---
to fill a need in the space we are working on.

You will not always have everything that you need.

But when you are ready to purchase an item
you will then know right where to put it.



Notice the lamps, one came from a bedroom the other from the basement. The bowl of apples came from the kitchen table --- don't they look great here!

This end table was in the basement, and the plant was in the living room.

The baskets also came from another area of the house.

The vase of flowers was in the living room.

And the coffee table was by the front door --- a chest to hold all of the winter stuff.

We just repurposed it
and it is a great addition to the family room.

Look around your space and see what you could use too!


  1. Maya@Completely-Coastal said...
    It's always a great idea to try find something that you already own, it's kind of fun too, isn't it.
    Susan said...
    Looks fabulous! It's like putting a puzzle together, isn't it! Great job!
    amariaf2000 said...
    Love what you did!! Would you like to come to my house?! :-)
    ~angela @ peonypatch
    Holly said...
    What a big difference! Looks wonderful.
    Rebecca said...
    I love how you took so many different things and made a great display on the wall...that's something I think is quite hard. To find the right balance without things being perfectly symmetrical.
    Leila said...
    Excellent job! You really made the room look cozy and inviting!
    Some people can't do that with all new things!
    Tamara Jansen said...
    What a fab re-do and the price is right! Gotta look around at my place a little to see if it will work for me too.
    suzy said...
    great ideas, thanks for sharing!
    Misti of Studio M Designs said...
    Now it's so cozy and inviting! Great re-do. Shopping the house can be so rewarding!
    Mary Beth said...
    I love your "afters". Everything looks wonderful.
    Dawn said...
    Angela, this is so perfect. It really gives great ideas and starts the mind working and wondering what we can do different in our homes without going out and buying all new stuff. I love how you gave suggestions about where the different items came from in the home.
    Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...
    Wow! There's just no comparison between the before and after. Great makeover! :-)

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