Monday, February 2, 2009

Balance in a Room

For a room to feel balanced, you want to have the weight evenly
distributed around the room.

In this before picture the fireplace is a heavy element in the corner.
The chair is smaller in scale and feels a little lost against the large wall. This room did not have enough weight on the one wall.

We moved in a couple of cabinets from another room and gave some weight to the large wall. See how it balances out the fireplace and the heavyness of the couch and loveseat.

This before picture has alot of heavy furniture lined against the walls as well as artwork filling the space. This room had too much weight.

After moving things around we evened out the weight and it feels more balanced. Can you see how having some space or air around the pieces makes it also have better balance? It just feels better!


  1. Pedaling said...
    you're right, it feels so much better.
    i love the difference in the first one, best- but both examples are wonderful!
    Catherine said...
    My cousin, Mandy Marie, told me about you, and I'm such a fan now! You have a real gift and I love looking at your blog to get ideas for my own home. Keep it up!

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