Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural Elements

Add something natural to your room,
by following this simple design principle you add another
layer of comfort.

In this photo from Better Homes and Gardens you see:

  • A tray of green apples
  • A pot with twigs (you can cut these from your own yard!)
  • Some small green plants
  • Two vases on the mantel with greenery and fruit


In this before there are no natural elements.

This after shot shows some greenery on the table, a vase of flowers
on the mantel, and a small bouquet on the bottom of the bookcase.

As you are looking in magazines for ideas,
notice one principle at a time.

Look with a new set of eyes ---
See just ONE principle.

So for this picture we are looking to see the natural elements.

This greenery with the berries, definately adds to the cozy feel.

I want to continue taking you back to this family room before and
after, so you will be able to identify each principle as we talk about them.

We are looking for natural elements . . .

This room has a variety of green plants,
on the tables, the bookshelves and the floor.

It really does add to the big picture!


  1. Trudi said...
    I noticed plants touching the tops of shelves and flowers at the bottom of a bookcase. It looks good, but I'd never have tried that. I really need to add greenery and naturals to my rooms again. For some reason I got away from it. I've been buying good looking silks. Any suggestions on where to start?
    Trudi said...
    Oh really nice blog and I'm looking forward to your redesigns.
    ImagineCozy said...
    Hi Trudi, Just choose something you like -- and try it in different places in the room. Stand back and see what looks right. You will be amazed at the difference it can make!

    Thanks for your post!

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