Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What do you see first?

The bed is almost always a focal point in a bedroom.
It draws your attention --- so make it look good!

This bedroom BEFORE

The bedroom AFTER

We placed the bed at an angle ---

Added a few more quilts and pillows
and put a few baseball caps on the wall behind the bed.

It instantly became the focal point of the room.

This wall had nothing that you really rested your eye on.

We made a grouping on the wall
with the same shelf that was there and just added a few more items.

It created a unit on that wall ---a focal point!

Here is a close-up of the group.

This family room BEFORE

There is not a place for your eyes to rest---
no certain area to draw your eye in.

We created a grouping or unit behind the couch on the wall.
See how your eye is drawn there.

This far wall BEFORE --- nothing to focus on.

See the difference ---By placing the dresser and chair
together with other accessories on the table top and wall -

We have a focal point ---
a unit to focus on!

Go look around your house
and see if you have a place to rest your eyes.


  1. Dawn said...
    Angela has helped me to leave my fears behind and start making my home the one I've always wanted. I love her ideas and how she "sees" potential in items that I always thought were just "things". I have just emailed my family, cousins, and friends to let them know about this site. I love your talent Angela!
    Pedaling said...
    i don't know;
    the dog cushion on the floor of the orange red room, made for a nice focal point....hehe :)

    love your work.
    Terri said...
    I am very impressed. Dawn is my cousin and we have always talked Decor. Corys room looks great. I love your site. I really like what you have done. I will for sure be visiting this site often. She also mentioned that you may do Enrichment nights...hmmmm...I will talk to mine about that. :)
    The Olsons said...
    The bedroom looks great! Moving the bed made the biggest difference. Nice job!
    batch5 said...
    Angela has amazing vision! My living room is so much more inviting and usable now. She took a couple of my favorite things that had no real home and made them the focal point. I love them even more now. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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