Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little More Red

Notice the touches of Red


Family Room BEFORE

Family Room AFTER



Wow! Look at the difference.

What elements create this "cozy" space?

-- Lamps in three different places---
in a triangle pattern
Fabric -- Pillows, a Rug and Throw
Balance -- The furniture is placed so that it is
weighted evenly
Tables -- To put lamps and accesories on
Natural Elements -- Flowers in a vase on the mantel and
on the end table, as well as a little greenery
Red -- Little touches of Red throughout the room

Today, remember the power of RED!


  1. Paula said...
    I really enjoy your blog - Thanks for sharing!
    Natalie said...
    This is such a awesome blog!!! Keep it up!
    Da Bergs said...
    I am loving your blog!!!
    Trudi said...
    Your posts are great.

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