Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Something Red

Add a little bit of Red and the
room will come to life!

As I was walking through this store I could not help but notice
the bits of Red added everywhere.

This family room Before --- without any Red.

Notice the Red that we put on the mantel ---
The large Red pot with Red twigs.
The wicker basket at the left of the mirror. A Red book on the shelf.

Now --- this is not something that works in every case.
But it is always worth trying a little touch of red to see how it feels.

We have seen this before --- but look for the Red this time.

The Red on the piano bench ---
the pillow on the chair --- and the Red books.

Add a little Red and --- see the room pop!


  1. randee said...
    love, love, love your blog! i've learned so much from you already. all common sense things that you just forget about.

    i need to go take a little walk through my house now.

    but i'll be back. looking forward to what's next!
    Pedaling said...
    always good to have a little red! or in my case, a lot! i mentioned you on my blog today. have a great week-end.
    Monkey's Momma said...
    Love your blog!!!! I will be adding a link to my blog very soon!

    Thanks for the great tips and great photos!
    Andrea said...
    I love this blog!!! Thanks for helping all of us challenged wanna be's in the decorating department. Can I add you to my blog links?
    Preppy 101 said...
    I love your blog. You are so talented!! Came via Pedaling! If you don't mind, I will be adding you to my blog list and reading regularly now!!!
    Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...
    I love red. Even a little red in a room makes it feel "happier" to me. Great post! Thanks! :-)
    Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...
    Love pops of red too!! Great post!

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