Thursday, December 3, 2009

Candles Add a Cozy Feel

Since we are now at the beginning of December --- I wanted to change things up a bit. I know that most of us are not going to be doing much room redesign, but it is a great time to notice what simple things you add for Christmas, and how it creates a cozy feel in your home.

I want you to see that you are already doing some of the right things --- and maybe inspire you with a few new possibilities!

When I was growing up, Christmas was the only time that we brought out the candles---but I don't remember that we ever lit them!

So Bring out the Candles and LIGHT them!
You will be amazed at what atmosphere a little candlelight can create.

Your holiday table will feel complete once
the candles are lit.

There are so many different styles, and they
can go anywhere.

So this Holiday Season Light your CANDLES!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    pk @ Room Remix
    I'm a candle lover, but don't light them as much as I should. You're right, they just add that perfect finishing touch. Thanks for sharing the pretty inspiration. Have a good weekend!
    Gail said...
    I LOVE candles. I have them everywhere in my house and I do light them all the time.
    JanMary said...
    Definitely love to decorate with candles, but I need to light them more!

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