Monday, December 7, 2009

Creative ways to Hang a Wreath

I love Wreathes!
I think they are wonderful all year long.
But Christmas is a traditional time to hang a wreath.

They are a perfect solution when looking to add natural elements to your room.

Here are a few creative ways to add a wreath,
changing things up a bit different than you may have used them before.

Isn't this such a great idea ---
putting a garden gate over your mantel with
an evergreen wreath.

Tie a small wreath to your bed.

I love how this wreath is hung infront of the cabinet with a black and white striped ribbon.
The green with the black is one of my favorite color combinations.

Hang a green wreath on the post of the chair.

Notice how none of these wreathes are hanging on doors---
which is typical.
There are multiple ways to add them to your home.

Hanging the wreath from a ribbon in a picture frame.

Now look through your holiday wreaths and see how you might hang them a little different this year!

These photos are from Country Living

I am linking up with Metamorphosis Monday today

Go and take a look!


  1. Phyllis @Around the House said...
    I love your wonderful wreaths, I also love wreaths hanging on all kinds of things, big ones and small ones as well yours are especially lovely, I am a new visitor of yours, come for a visit...
    Alexis Olson said...
    Love all of these ideas!
    Holly said...
    I love the gate particularly! There's an empty house not far from me that has a fence with 3 of those gates. I really want them ;)
    gail@My Repurposed Life said...
    lots of great ideas, thanks for sharing.
    I also like the gate best! it's awesome.
    ImagineCozy said...
    The gate is so fun! It makes you want to search out little rural towns to see what you could come home with!
    Melody said...
    Creative ideas for hanging wreaths - I saw a couple I'm going to use.

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