Sunday, August 9, 2009

TV Interview---Accessory Tables

I did a segment on
Studio 5 KSL TV on Friday.
What a good time!
Decorating an Accessory Table-
Here is the clip . . .

There is a before and after to look at here, but if you want more transformations take a look at Metemorphosis Monday at


  1. The Olsons said...
    You did awesome Ang! Great tips and ideas.
    Sharlotte said...
    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. You were fabulous!
    Bonnie said...
    Angela, this is fantastic. How did you get this opportunity? KSL is not exactly a small town market. Good for you!!
    ImagineCozy said...
    I teach a number of free classes on how to redesign your space, and in one of the classes was KSL reporter who is friends with the co-host of Studio 5. She looked and my blog and liked the idea, so she asked me to be on. It has just gone from there. Really FUN!
    Rachel said...
    Delurking here... :)
    My name is Rachel and my SIL Lisa Merrill introduced me to your blog and I love it! You do such a great job with all everything and you did awesome on KSL! Congrats

    southerninspiration said...
    Great job!!! I am very immpressed and it is fun to see you and hear your voice!!!

    Sarah said...
    Enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing. It was fun to hear your voice and see you in action.

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