Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Change up Your Fireplace Mantle

Here is the BEFORE of this fireplace mantle.

The changes are subtle, and we used just
what the homeowner had already.

What made the difference?

We moved the Round Clock above the fireplace, it was larger in scale and fit the space nicely. The round element softened up all of the rectangular lines.

We created a few groupings rather than a row of frames.
Added a few books and a couple of little knick knacks,
but they are in a group and help to create a unit.

We cut some branches with leaves from the yard
and placed them in a vase.
That brought in a natural element and some height.

Notice the grouping of three and the three different heights.
It worked well for this space.


  1. Marsha's Mpressions said...
    What a change for the better! Appears much neater and tied together now! Great job.
    Struggler said...
    Looks great - I love that clock there. The whole thing is much more attractive now.
    amandalouden said...
    so amzing that a little change makes a huge difference.

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