Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unify Your Room with COLOR

When you are putting a room together look for ways you can add the same color throughout the space.

I talked about this a little last week but wanted to post a few more examples here.

Notice the blue fabric on the coffee table, the blue pillow, the BLUE pot on the shelf, and the picture above the fireplace.
Now notice the touches of GREEN.

Do you see the touches of ORANGE in the space?
Then notice the robin's egg blue throughout the room.

Look at how black is placed around this room,
and see how they all have a black and white pattern.
It unifies the room.

The light blue pillows, the blue pot on the table and the blue fabric on the bottom of the drapes, really pulls this room together.

You can't help but see all of the
green accents in this living room.

They are placed throughout the space and it feels GREAT.

Now, go and gather a number of like colored items and tie them into a room at your home!

You will be amazed at how this simple design principle can change the feel of your room.

I am joining with Julia today for Hooked on Fridays.
And Melissa for Beautiful Life.


  1. Cristin said...
    Great post! I agree, repeating the color accent pulls a room's color scheme together.

    Beachbrights said...
    Great pictures and advice! I love the color words that correspond with the picture...brilliant!

    Terry said...
    That bhg room looked like triple scoops of sherbet and good enough to eat.

    Our design friend was all about "pulling colors." He had the talent for it, he just had to train us to understand and appreciate it. Once he said, "you need something yellow there." He searched the house and found something yellow to put there. Well, it was just wow. We learned to believe him.
    Holly said...
    I really like the blue and neutral room. So restful and calming.
    Atticmag said...
    I like the way one might not notice the subtle placment of color throughout the room, yet if you were to eliminate those color balancing objects, it would definitely feel off balance.

    Super demonstration. Jane T.
    The Olsons said...
    Love all of these examples! Nice job!
    Small House said...
    I enjoy visiting your blog! have talent. If you ever get house could use your wonderful ideas.
    Brenda said...
    I have lots of color in my house. But I center on reds and blues for some reason. And I can change things out from room to room. I love your ideas!
    Lindy said...
    I am learning so much from your blog. You are a great teacher!
    Anonymous said...
    Great post! Very inspirational! My poor husband...never knows what he will come home to each evening! :D Glad to have found your blog!
    Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...
    Love the color pops! I struggle with loving so many colors that I can't stay to just a few.

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