Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to Freshen Up Your Office

Does your office need a little lift?
If you will add these 3 items to any office it will feel more
inviting and fresh.

Flowers or Plant

It makes a difference --- Give it a try!
Take a look at


  1. Anny said...
    Thank you for posting the pictures, I'm setting up my home office today and need all the inspiration I can get!
    Shelley said...
    I just need an office-those are beautiful!
    Anonymous said...
    I love that 4th picture! What I wouldn't give to keep my office that beautiful!
    My Domicile Style said...
    Great job. I have decided to commit to using a spare bedroom as an office until we adopt. So, love these ideas as I need to just do it and make a creative space for myself!
    Terry said...
    Never though of it but we have the fabric, the lamp, and 6 plants in my wife's home office. Very nice in there.
    Flower Patch Farmgirl said...
    I'm gearing up to overhaul my home office! (It is currently wallpapered in a train motif. Yikes.) Thanks for the inspiration!
    Struggler said...
    Right now I have none of these... or at least, the fabric I have is not a favorite! Thanks, I will keep the 3 in mind as I try to improve things a little.
    Pearl Maple said...
    Followed your link from the Inspired Room, really enjoyed the visit, you have lots of great things going on in your blog space. Great post for putting a bit of fresh air and style into our workspaces. Thanks for sharing the ideas.
    Brenda said...
    Wonderful, inspiring ideas here! Thanks!
    Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...
    Excellent ideas and easy to do too! Thanks for the photos and tips!

    Happy day,

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