Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Same Table --- Different Place

This is in my bedroom at our new home.

Since I recently moved, it really gave me a chance to look at
different possibilities for my furniture.
This is sometimes easier when you move because everything
 is out of place.

But thank goodness you don't all  have to move! 

The idea here is to look at items in your home and see how you might change them up by moving them to a different place.

Now here is the same table ---
Before it was in my entry in the living room.

See the green walls --- I do love color on the wall.  I thought I would try more neutrals in my new place but as I have been living here I am wanting to darken things up a bit, but it will have to wait, we just painted the whole house!! I will share what I come up with.

This was an old sewing cabinet that my mother-in-law
gave me years ago.  It has worked great.

It now has a new home in  my bedroom as the nightstand.  I am considering staining it darker (maybe that will be a summer project)

I have to share with you about the lamp. 

I really wanted a larger lamp for this table, but a lamp like this would run $70.00 or $80.00 dollars and I was not going to spend that.  I was looking on classifieds (it is like Craigslist), under home decor I found a design shop that had some deeply discounted items. It was just 15 minutes from my house.  I was able to get this designer lamp with inlayed glass and a suede lamp shade for $20.00.  I was thrilled!

If you live in Utah the design shop is called Design It and they still have clearance items--- large area rugs $100, lamps  $10 - $20, toss pillows $10 and other assorted home decor from$1-$20. 
It is in Provo in the East Bay area.

Love the little green grass. 

You will find that when you move, some items you have really work and others just don't. 
Sometimes you just have to go shopping.

So... originally I had the table, the books, the wooden box, the candle holder and the frames.
I bought the lamp and the two oil paintings.

Next time I will tell you about the paintings. 
I have always wanted REAL art in my home!

Until then, look around and see what you can change up.

By the way--- LASIK surgery is AMAZING!

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  1. Lindy said...
    I love the new arrangement. I think that gold accessories go really well with the table. Can't wait to hear about your oil paintings. I bought what I thought was an oil painting only to find out it was a "giclee." I am learning!
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