Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Room Redesigned

This family room had been waiting to "feel like home again".

Notice the white walls. There is not really a focal point--a place to rest your eye as you enter the room.

This redesign also got a little paint job!  If you look on the shelf under the window you will see the white moulding.  The room now has a warm coat of paint. 
Paint really can create a nice warm feeling in a room.

The entertainment center is now positioned on the back wall and becomes a focal  point as you enter the room.

This family room doubled as an office as well.  The desk was quite large and blocked the flow from the kitchen.

We removed the large piece off the top of the desk so we could let in more light and have it connect better with the kitchen.

The office now takes up just the back end of the room. We were able to seperate the two areas by turning the sectional.

Also see how we added some touches of red.  It really gave some life to the space.

Go back and see where we put in a few natural elements, and do you see any additional lighting?
Let me know what you think!

I am joining the blog party at THE INSPIRED ROOM, set what else can be inspiring!


  1. Lindy said...
    Angela... What a vast improvement!! I love how you have divided the room in two. Adding red really makes a difference in this room, especially changing out the rug.

    The desk look so much better without the top credenza which really wasn't being used. Regarding lighting and natural elements, I see a lamp on the desk and a wreath on the wall.

    Great job!
    ImagineCozy said...
    The bookcase also had a couple of lights in the top of each one. The homeowner did not realize it --Now, they have a warm glow that adds to the rooms feel.

    We also added a potted plant with some red flowers to the bookcase.

    So fun huh!

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