Monday, March 30, 2009

Time for a Change

What a cozy spot to sit and relax.

This living room had all of the right elements, going on BEFORE.

We just wanted to change things up a bit.

In the AFTER we placed the sofas and table on an angle
and added in a bookshelf that was in the entry.

Notice the lighting, we have three lamps placed in a triangle pattern.
It really adds to the "Cozy Factor"

We moved the piano and created a nice grouping ---
We chose framed pieces from around the house,
they all had gold frames but did not exactly match.

Notice the figurine that is sitting on the books ---
We wanted it to be a little taller to fit with the group,
books work great to add height.

The greenery on the shelf also adds to finish the look.

The homeowner loves china and had a
nice collection in the kitchen.
We decided to add some on this book shelf.

It really brings some of her personality to the room.

Sometimes we just need a change
Shop around your own house and see what can be moved from one room to another, you will be amazed at what you can create!


  1. The Soladay Family said...
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Yours is so full of inspiration...I love it!!
    For Your Inspiration said...
    Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed browsing through your blog. Design and decorating is my first passion and I love to see everyone's ideas. I'm planning to stop back by.

    Have you just started blogging? I'm really new to it...only since January!
    Pedaling said...
    i am always changing things up in my house.
    love the lighting here.
    Tiffany said...
    As always, you are fabulous!!
    Lizzylou said...
    You are very talented. I've been wanting you to come help me with my house for months but I just don't know where to start. I think my whole house needs a little makeover. Let me know when I can schedule you. I also need some tips on controlling the clutter. Thanks, Liz
    Chris said...
    This is a great blog with ideas that are perfect for me!! I'm so glad I found it. Keep your ideas coming!!! Thanks!

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