Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think Outside the Box

A dresser in the entry?

Today, I want you to consider multiple uses for pieces of furniture.

This bench makes a great coffee table.

Traditional Home
This little metal barrel with a round piece of glass on top, makes a nice little side table.

Traditional Home
Notice the benches used as tables.

This little box used as a coffee table.

A stool as a side table? It works!

These metal file drawers as a table in the bedroom.

So look around your house with a new set of eyes ---
and consider using items in a way that they may not have been intended for.

It increases your possibilities!

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  1. Pedaling said...
    ideas making a home SO Much more interesting.
    southerninspiration said...
    I love this post, and yes, I have a dresser (I painted black) in my foyer!!

    StacieinAtlanta said...
    Hey Angela-

    I really love your blog. We use dressers as nightstands and I love the look of it.

    I am just stopping in from The Ultimate Blog Party to say hello. Come by my place to enter to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System and some books by pledging to read to your child everyday. You can also enter to win a pair of Girl's Crocs - Size 8/9. :)

    The Divine Miss Mommy
    The Olsons said...
    Something different is always more fun!!
    Amber and Kevin Smith said...
    I LOVE this post! I got some awesome ideas! Thanks
    Ms. Tee said...
    What great ideas! And I'm decided to have discovered your blog - I love the name, too!
    Misti of Studio M Designs said...
    I love benches for tables inside and outdoors, and it's funny, I have always considered "dressers" just a table unless it is in the bedroom. I love having them all over the house. Where ever you may need storage! These are beatiful pictures you found.
    PamperingBeki said...
    I love this post!

    I'm definitely an "outside the box" kind of thinker. I love exploring the different ways things can be used.
    The Soladay Family said...
    Love your blog! What great suggestions! Sometimes the best "piece" can be right under our noses!
    Songbirdtiff said...
    These are great ideas and photos. My "entertainment center" is actually an old dresser and it's the perfect height and has TONS of storage. I love that bench/coffee table.
    FrenchGardenHouse said...
    What a great post! Love using unusual pieces in our home, in unusual places. :)
    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home said...
    I love re-purposing items, and furniture from unexpected items is unique and brilliant. Thank you for sharing these photographs. ~Arleen
    EclecticGypsy said...
    stopped by from the ubp to say hi. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am going to be moving this summer so I will have to stop back again to get some decorating ideas for the new home. Brenda
    Suzy said...
    I have a few of those dressers and benches positioned like that and I love them!
    Laura Ingalls Gunn said...
    The 3rd image is so lovely!
    Pearl Maple said...
    Followed your link from the inspired nest and really enjoyed your posts. This is a great idea on how to make more use of things you already have.

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