Monday, March 23, 2009

Answers to the Pop Quiz!

Okay, are you ready ? ---
(Thank you so much for those of you who commented, you were right on.)

Get your eyes set to look at the specifics!


Let's start with BASICS ---

1. Lighting --- we added two lamps, one from the bedroom, and one from the living room. It is nice to have them at different heights.

2. Natural Elements --- we brought in some greenery from the kitchen, and rearranged some that was already there.

3. Fabric --- we found some toss pillows and a throw in the bedroom. The rug came from the living room. The area rug anchors the furniture and helps create a nice conversation area .

Next: See the touches of RED --- the pillow, the boxes on the top shelf, the wood tile on the table and the ceramic vase on the top left shelf.

We found three leather cubes and lined them up in front of the sofa like a coffee table. (You can see them a little better in the previous post.)

In this before picture there were no tables.

We found a table in the living room, that made the perfect sofa table for behind the couch. This created a spot to put a lamp and some accessories.

The little table between the chairs was used as a night stand in the boy's room. But it works, at least for now --- a place to put a lamp, a plant and a frame.
Underneath the table is a small basket which adds texture to the room, and a nice place for magazines.

We moved the couch at an angle, partly to view the TV better, and it moves the couch closer to create a nice conversation area. ---

Be brave and try an angle at your house!

One other note to mention ---
A Sofa and 2 Chairs is so much more versitile that a sofa and a love seat.

I wanted to show this wall --- so that you could see the powerful impact of a focal point.

These 4 pictures and cabinet were on the same wall before ---
but as we position them in a "Unit" or a grouping they really draw your eye in and create a powerful focal point.

Thanks for taking the quiz.

I love sharing these principles with you---and will continue to share my redesigns ---

So you can create YOUR own COZY space!


  1. STEPHANIE. said...
    Hello! I found you over at the UBP, and I am glad I stooped- I love yor blog. Be sure to stop over at my blog this week for gratitude week. Happy Party week!
    southerninspiration said...
    Looks very pretty now!!!

    Chel said...
    Hi i found you through the UBP but could not find your party post...but I loved the ones I did see!!! It is amazing how just a few little things can truly make a difference. Bee-u-teeful!
    Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...
    Thanks for stopping by from the UB Party, so nice to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you & I hope you'll come back to see me again, since we both share a love of decorating.

    Love your redesign, looks great!
    Trudi said...
    The red and greenery made an amazing difference. I need to add greenery. Where do you purchase your's and what do you look for?

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