Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Room Redesign

We found some wonderful elements to create
this cozy space.



The most dramatic change in this room was to create a
Conversation area.

Before the couch was alone in the middle of the room.
We also added a throw blanket and a pillow on the sofas,
as well as a few natural elements.


As we pulled the love seat closer and added an end table.
It allows for a more comfortable conversation.

The books and vase of flowers on the table also add
to the overall feel.


See how we moved the love seat up in to an L shape with the sofa.


My favorite part is the little cabinet against the wall.

We took this from the living room (it is full of piano music)
and created this unit against the far wall.

We found the lamp in the bedroom, exchanged the artwork
with a piece from the basement, and we brought the plant from the living room.

It does have that "MORE COZY" Feel!


  1. Screaming Meme said...
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    Angie said...
    This looks really great! I totally need to redo our living room.

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