Monday, March 16, 2009

Curtain Panels

Curtains make such difference in creating a COZY feel.

I love simple panels that go from the ceiling to the floor, and down each side of the window.

When you buy ready made panels they are not usually that long ---
(if you hang them from the ceiling.)
But it is very easy to sew a piece of fabric (that goes with the room)along the bottom.

See in this room how they have different fabric along the bottom ---
It looks like custom drapes!

We have seen this photo before, but this time focus on the drapes ---
the curtains are from the ceiling to the floor.

Now this was just fabric stapled onto a couple of pieces of scrap wood
and screwed into the ceiling.
Big difference!

Simple, on a rod.

These do not go all the way to the floor, but it works.
It just depends on what look YOU like.

See how nice and custom they look with another piece of fabric
along the bottom.

These are hung with two small rods.

Notice how the fabric frames the window, it does not cover it.
This creates the illusion of a larger window.

These are hung by simple metal rings.

Curtain panels are a great way to add
Fabric to a Room!

photos from bhg


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