Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Magic of Toss Pillows

Toss Pillows really warm up a leather sofa.

I stopped by a boutique, and they had pillows everywhere!

I love the trim on this one.

Pillows pull colors from the room and can tie it all together.

Pillows in a bedroom make it so much more comfortable.

They can bring your personality to the space.

I want to sit by the fire in this room!

If you want to make a room more COZY ---
Add some toss pillows.

I am hooked on Toss Pillows to day!
Go on over to Hooked on Houses and see what everybody else is hooked on.
I'm also participating in "A Beautiful Life" at the Inspired Room.


  1. Christy said...
    I agree! I just got four new throw pillows at Target last week and my family room is so much cozier now!
    ImagineCozy said...
    Christy --- Don't you love it, something as simple as a few toss pillows and you want to spend time in your family room! Great job.
    Mrs. Petrie said...
    I actually got two awesome pillows today at Pier 1 for $1.50 each! They really do add something to a room.
    Suzy said...
    I love toss pillows too! They are so easy to make and stuff. But, my husband thinks they can be annoying, and my children use them for forts....
    Rue said...
    I love toss pillows too! I had to laugh at Suzy's comment, because I think all husbands find them annoying LOL What's up with that??

    Cass @ That Old House said...
    I love toss pillows, or as my Mom called them, "throw pillows." When my brothers visit, and they sit down to chat with my husband, all the pillows end up on the floor -- which unfortunately the dogs think is just peachy keen.

    Why do women love the pillows, and men hate them? (I love holding one in my lap when I watch TV.)

    And I have those pillows that are in your last picture -- although in different colors. :-)
    Leila said...
    Toss pillows are great!

    It's so easy to make them, too!

    But it's don't like them, do they :)
    The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...
    Pillows just really make a room don't they? We got our passion for pillows from our might know her - she's the Queen of Pillows! - ha!
    Karla & Karrie
    Kim said...
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love design too. I took as many classes as I could before they discontinued the interior design program at BYU. You are so close to me. Spanish Fork is a hop, skip, and jump from Provo. Hello new friend. :)
    Nathalie said...
    Love all those pillows! I'm going to have to add pillows to my list. Which boutique did you go to? It looks very inspiring. thanks for a wonderful blog!
    ImagineCozy said...
    The shop was Gatehouse No.1 in Orem, Utah. Such a fun place ---Lots of great "eyecandy"
    Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...
    Yes, there is nothing like a pillow to cozy things up!
    Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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