Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prepping for My TV Segment

I just wanted to share with you --- a little about how this day went!

I was invited to do a segment on KSL TV Studio 5 and present a few items to show how to achieve certain styles in a room. It was pretty fun trying to come up with items for 5 different styles --- first of all I thought immediately of a dear neighbor --- the only one in our whole neighborhood with a mustard gold and grey house with red doors, quite contemporary. She had just the perfect items for that catagory, even a piece of fabric with a very geometric design.

I gathered a couple of items from another friend. I had considered going shopping but decided it would take too much time! And so I continued my search through the houses of wonderful supportive friends. In the end I had two suitcases full of props, imagine one with sticks poking out of the top zipper---good thing for wheels!

Of course you have to do your hair just right and make-up as well as choose something to wear that is not white, black or too patterned, and something that you have not worn before. On the way out the door I packed the bag for my three year old who was going to her first day of dance and then to pre-school, fixed her hair and found shoes---thank goodness for another great friend who ran her around for me today. Then with suitcases in the back of the van I drove the carpool of my other kids to the school, dropped them off and hit the freeway.

I had all of my notes for the segment and was running them through my head as I drove the hour to the studio. As it turned out the segment was next to last for that day so it was shorter than we had planned ---LIVE TV is really so impromptu! I have to say I LOVED how the props turned out, I had not really set them all out at home. So when it came to what to say, it was pretty tricky trying to condense descriptions and hurry without sounding too rushed, and of course remembering the right words to describe things! It was crazy, but such fun to be part of.

I have to say I am loving what I do and feel like it is such a blessing to be able to share how to make your homes a place that YOU want to be in. And at the same time be in my own home with my own family! LIFE IS GOOD.

So here is the clip:

Studio 5
Ready, Set, Re-Design
Incorporating Your Design Style Today

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  1. Jenn said...
    Angela, I actually saw you live on t.v. that day. It was very fun and you looked great. I don't actually watch tv much, but I happened to be in the orthopedist's office getting casts for my little girl who recently fell off the monkey bars. There you were playing on the tv of the reception area while we waited. I'm still not sure of my style, but I've got some more information to think on. Thanks for the ideas! Maybe someday I can get you to come over and help me with my house now that things have settled a bit. But I know that now that you're a famous tv star :)it may be tough. Keep up the good work.
    Terry said...
    I don't know how you got though all of those in the time you had. I appreciate the your bite size demonstrations of each style. Terrific job.
    Juls~ said...
    Hi Angela,

    Congratulations on your television segment - that's terrific and you are very brave, girl!

    Rearranging takes an artful eye & it's amazing what you can do to a space!

    Feel free to visit my blog or drop me a line!



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