Saturday, September 19, 2009

Making Your Bed the Focal Point

The bed is a perfect choice for a Focal Point in the Bedroom.

Every bedroom has a bed --- so how do you make it more of a Focal Point?

I love to turn a twin bed at an angle.
We also placed a corner cabinet behind the bed---it gives the illusion of a headboard.
The little mirrors hung on each side give it a little more visual weight.

This little cabinet was rather lonely in the corner.

We moved the corner cabinet and added a few other items, which were a little larger and more of the right scale for the space.

We gave this little cabinet a new home.

It is filled with accessories that compliment the room.
All of these items were in the house already!

Each of these little details help to create a beautiful Focal Point with the bed.
I will share a few more pointers in an upcoming post.

I am joining Between Naps on the Porch today for some great BEFORE and AFTERS.


  1. Pedaling said...
    huge difference.
    i love a well presented, inviting bed place in just the right place!
    Beth Dunn said...
    Nicely done! oxox
    Lindy said...
    It's such a sweet room now! Love how you arranged the accessories.
    nannykim at spindle cottage said...
    Very cute and inviting. We tried that once with our queen bed but we didn't like it because we sometimes like to sit and read in bed and you couldn't do it!
    Sherri S said...
    Wow! Just a little bit and it made such a wonderful difference to the room! Love the little black bench too.
    Shelia said...
    I love the bed in the corner like this. It really does make a difference. The room is just precious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)
    Shady Creek Lane said...
    It is such an inviting room. The bed turned is a nice improvement. The whole room is beautiful.
    Kammy said...
    Super cute - I love an angled bed !
    Julie said...
    Cute cute cute...Love what you have done to the bedroom...
    Joy said...
    Very cute idea with that corner shelf. Love the room, very cozy.
    Porch Days said...
    Those before pictures are soooooo bare. With a few simple changes you made it into an inviting room. I never to into someone's house without plotting how to rearrange the furniture.

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