Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Personal Retreat Part 2

As promised here are more details about this
FUN Personal Retreat!

This homeowner had an extra room --- it originally had a brown plaid loveseat and the TV was on this little white table. . . well I got excited and we started moving things before I took the first before. But this gives you the idea.

She wanted a space that was all her own.
It all started with the Quilt! She bought this on clearance for about $8.00 quite awhile back.
We took this as the inspiration piece for the room, and pulled the colors from the quilt and added touches throughout the room.

Even little details like the colors in the magazines add color to the room.
She really loves the "cottage feel" and already had a number of items that helped pull the space together.

Of course the lamp adds REAL WARMTH to the room.

The quilt, the lace on the table and the white lace pillow, as well as the yellow throw create a very cozy atmosphere. (they are all fabric).


We added the little rocker in the corner with the flowers behind it, to balance out the weight of the heavy dresser in the other corner.
Notice the rug and the curtains ---they really soften the space!



The calendar has the same colors as the quilt ---
so it continues to unify the little room.
The curtains so soften the edges of the window.

The plant on the floor is a natural element and adds to the cozy feel of the space.


She had a couple of little mirrors in the shape of windows,
they added to the cottage feel.

Lovely ---
And this was all done with items she already had!!

We all have certain items that we are drawn too.
This homeowner is drawn to things that have a cottage feel
(teapots, china, flowers) --- so many of the items she has purchased in the past are in this style and were around her home.
She was just not sure how to display them.

Look around your home and see what items you may have with a common theme.
Maybe it is round objects --- possibly it is a color or maybe organic items. We are often drawn to a similar style and have those collections around our home and don't even realize it!

Look around and see what you SEE!



  1. Bonnie said...
    Nice, Angela! You do such a great job at redesigning a room. That corner with the rocker would look nice with a tree as well.
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks so much for your comment ... great blog you have hear! I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll!
    D said...
    What a transformation. I love what you've done. The colors are pretty and the room looks so cozy.

    Terry said...
    You turned that big spooky brown chair into a retreat all by itself.
    Jillian said...
    It's great to make a room feel comfortable! I like how you use different colours for the text on your blogsite.

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