Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here are a few photos of lighting that I have taken at my new home.

I often get asked what to do first, if I want a change in my room? If you have just a little time and want to make your home feel more comfortable. My 1st simple interior decorating tip--- is to turn on a lamp! Most of us have lamps but rarely turn them on. Just turn on the lamp and it will automatically feel better.

So... what if you do not have a lamp in the room you want to work on. This is where an interior RE-design comes in. We want to use items that you have in your home already, so start shopping the house! This really is fun --- go from room to room looking for a lamp. Look in the den, office or a bedroom, it can even be one from your little boy’s room. Bring what lamps you could round up into the room you are working on. If you only have one, start with one. If you found more, place them around the room at different heights. It is ideal if you have three different lamps positioned in a triangle pattern throughout the room. As you turn them on instantly you will feel a warmer more inviting feeling.

Now you know what it feels like to have a lamp in that room. Everyone always asks me, “well what about my little boy’s room.” This is where you can decide if you want to leave the lamp here or return it to the bedroom with the idea that when you are ready, you know that you are looking for a lamp. You can go out on a homework assignment and look for a lamp. This way you are not overwhelmed in the home decorating store --- you know right what you 're looking for. You know what it feels like and how it looks to have a lamp in that space.

So, if you are short on time but want to make a difference, add a lamp or two–(be sure and turn them on)! You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more time you and your family will want to spend in that room.

You can take little steps like this and be your own interior designer or decorator---and all you have to spend ---is a little time!

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  1. Julie Harward said...
    I love lamps in my home...I use them every night, they add a nice feeling to my home. Good examples here...thanks! Come say hi :D
    Jeanette said...
    I know lighting is so important and you have done it so nicely. I wish I had more confidence in putting them around.
    Connie said...
    I am one who likes lots of lights on. This post was great, I agree with you, shopping around the house can actually surprise you and make you think outside of the box.
    Love your posts.

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